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El Templete Old Havana

The Templete

The Templete. Location. Exactly on Calle Baratillo e / O'Reilly and Enna, Arms Square, in Old Havana we find El Templete. Little mentioned in advertising...

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Some Ways to Discover the Genuine Cuba

Some Ways to Discover the Genuine Cuba

Discover Cuba is to approach the way of life of Cubans There are many possibilities to...
Best Beach Hotels in Cuba

Best Beach Hotels in Cuba

Our selection of the best beach hotels in Cuba. There are many options that...
La Havane en automne

Havana in Autumn

The Cultural Landscape of Havana in Autumn Although in many areas of the world, autumn is...


Old Havana

Old Havana

Old Havana and its History Old Havana is the municipality that represents the oldest...
Jose Marti’s Monument

Jose Marti’s Monument

Jose Marti’s Monument and its history This monument’s history starts with a contest of 1943 in...
The Chorro de Maita

Chorro de Maita

General Information about Chorro de Maita The Chorro de Maita is located in the southeast foothills...


Culinary Art



René Portocarrero

Rene Portocarrero

Rene Portocarrero is one of the leading figures of the arts in Cuba Rene Portocarrero was...
Saturn Cave

The Saturn Cave

The Saturn Cave, in Matanzas, is an attractive option to carry out the diving in...
Naborí Indian

Naborí Indian (Indio Nabori)

Jesus Orta Ruiz, Naborí Indian, was one of the most important growers of the tenth...


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