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El Templete Old Havana

The Templete

The Templete. Location. Exactly on Calle Baratillo e / O'Reilly and Enna, Arms Square, in Old Havana we find El Templete. Little mentioned in advertising...

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La Havane en automne

Havana in Autumn

The Cultural Landscape of Havana in Autumn Although in many areas of the world, autumn is...
Some Ways to Discover the Genuine Cuba

Some Ways to Discover the Genuine Cuba

Discover Cuba is to approach the way of life of Cubans There are many possibilities to...
Les meilleures plages de Cuba

The Best Beaches in Cuba

It is true that in the Caribbean there are many beautiful beaches but only few...


Virgilio Pinera

Virgilio Pinera

Virgilio Pinera is considered one of the most original authors of the Cuban literature. Virgilio Pinera...
Soledad - Leoni Torres

Soledad – Leoni Torres

About the song and the music video Soledad (Lonliness)by Leoni Torres Leoni Torres pays homage to...
The Cornito

The Cornito

The History and the Cornito The Cornito, also well-known as The Cucalambe Park, it...


Culinary Art



Don Quixote in Havana

Cervantes and Don Quixote in Havana

Cervantes, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza are represented by sculptures scattered in Havana The most universal...
The Dark Chamber of the Old Havana

Dark Chamber of the Old Havana

Dark Chamber of the Old Havana is one of the 54 cameras of its kind...

Fountain of India or Noble Havana

The Fountain of India or the Noble Havana and its history. The Fountain of India or...


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