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El Templete Old Havana

The Templete

The Templete. Location. Exactly on Calle Baratillo e / O'Reilly and Enna, Arms Square, in Old Havana we find El Templete. Little mentioned in advertising...

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Some Ways to Discover the Genuine Cuba

Some Ways to Discover the Genuine Cuba

Discover Cuba is to approach the way of life of Cubans There are many possibilities to...
Best Beach Hotels in Cuba

Best Beach Hotels in Cuba

Our selection of the best beach hotels in Cuba. There are many options that...
La Havane en automne

Havana in Autumn

The Cultural Landscape of Havana in Autumn Although in many areas of the world, autumn is...


Rent a car in Cuba

Rent a car in Cuba

Renting a car, another option to know Cuba as you please. When visiting Cuba you can...
History of the Cuban tourism

The Cuban History of Tourism

The History of Tourism in Cuba and its Beginnings The history of tourism in Cuba as...
Bibijagua Beach

Bibijagua Beach in Isla de la Juventud

Characteristics of the Bibijagua Beach The famous and beautiful beach called Bibijagua, in the Isla de...


Culinary Art



The boom of language schools in Cuba

Cuban Language Schools

The Boom of Cuban Language Schools The boom of language schools in Cuba did not detonate...
Alejandro Garcia Caturla

Alejandro Garcia Caturla

Biographical Data on Alejandro Garcia Caturla He was the son of Diana Victoria and Silvino. Alejandro...
a Wonder City

A Wonder City among the treasures of Cuba.

Havana, Wonder City 2016 is a year that will forever accompany the capital of Cuba, in...


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