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Why Cuba Treasure?

Since ancient times tell stories and ancient legends that the Caribbean became the place of privateers and pirates to find great treasures. The greatest navigators of history came to this area of ​​the world geography to give life to great discoveries, among which tropical paradise and lands were considered treasures are its natural beauty. Cuba is one of those examples, and today continues to captivate many, among other things, for its beautiful landscapes. For those who know it and live in it, our island becomes one of our greatest treasures. It is for this reason, we believe that this evocative phrase – “Cuba Treasure” – provides from our website, the tribute to the land that one day we were born.
A window on Cuba from Cuba Treasure

Maybe when you hear about Cuba think about your interest in their dances, in its nightlife, its beautiful mulatto, etc. These elements are referred to a widespread image of Cuba and its people which can generate a misconception truly identifying those aspects of our culture. On our website we show other sides of life and idiosyncrasy of Cubans. Cuba Treasure proposes a journey into the Cuban reality through all its expressions: economic, political, social, cultural, etc; and it offers a diversified image of Cuban reality, beyond what is generally known and appearance that is broadcast on it. If you want to know more and are curious to know more about the Greater Antilles, then it is in the ideal space.
A very brief reference to the content of Cuba Treasure

All information you will find in Cuba Treasure is organized through various topics, which refer to the most significant aspects that is shaped economic structure, political and social of Cuba as a nation. You can learn about sports, education, culture, art, health, tourism, transport, economy, history, climate and more. We will always try to offer new and updated information. Well, you can have the advantage that all the information reflected in our site is translated into four different languages: English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Thus, you have the facility to browse our site in the language they consider most suitable for your understanding. It only remains to begin your journey and experience one of his greatest adventures. Ino regret it! That waits? Ile offer a whole world at your fingertips!