Viñales Valley

Viñales Valley
Viñales Valley

Viñales Valley and its General Characteristics

Viñales Valley is a geographical site located in the Pinar del Rio Province of Cuba’s westernmost region. Located in the Sierra de los Organos ( Organs Mountains), westernmost of Guaniguanico Mountains, this valley and much of the mountains surrounding was approved in 1999 as Cuban National Park and in December of that same year it was declared a Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Viñales Valley, with a story that many place in more than 300 million years, is a 132 square kilometers area and it is the most prominent exponent of the karst valleys of the largest Antillean,

Main Qualities of Viñales Valley

In the Viñales Valley complicity between nature and silence makes the visitors own a majestic natural beauty that is everywhere, from the Indian Cave with its underground river to the Prehistory Mural, Rancho San Vicente and fabulous Mirador Los Jazmines. There are mountainous, unique formations, called hummocks. These hummocks are very inimitable geomorphological formations and some of them measure up to hundreds of meters. In the valley there are other elevations, as Alturas de Pizarras, which consist of a variety of rocks, the oldest existing throughout the country and in the Caribbean area. In the Jurassic Period this territory was made by sea, deltas and plains of the disappeared continent. Also it has as the basic elements of the local geology limestones in which are abundant ammonite’s fossils, fish and terrestrial fossils, exquisite fossils of the dinosaur “Diplodocus” and the marine reptile “Ichthyosaurus”.

Viñales Valley and the Caves

In the Viñales Valley you can find several caves such as Jose Miguel and Indian. The latter is a cave that reaches 300 meters long and within 2 underground rivers run. It is very significant in terms of form and originality. You can also find the so-called queen of the dens, the Gran Caverna de Santo Tomas, and topography characterized by Dr. Antonio Nunez Jimenez, fourth discoverer of Cuba.

Relevant Data on Viñales Valley

With respect to this territory in the Valley of Viñales we can say that is classified as an atypical evolution, as it is very diverse in terms of species with characteristics past relics. There are in the valley about 17 endemic plant species not found elsewhere in the world. The Viñales Town, located in the valley, preserves the traditional setting of a farmers settlement, represented by its main street, galleries of columns on each side and red-tiled houses that favor their climatic conditions to give a unique and pleasing appearance. As the opinion of professionals, Viñales is an exceptional scenario, where especially the tobacco cultivation mixed with an unique nature , the conservation of the environment and human activity in agricultural work are present. The socio-historical development of the region contains characteristic elements and cultural sites of the Cuban people – with Aboriginal history, slaves and peasants – all molded into the unique features of the natural landscape.

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