The Unusual House

The unusual house
The unusual house

General data on the unusual house

The unusual house was conceived by the architect Domingo Alas Rosell, who had previously designed similar projects that use the knowledge of the Physics combined with the architecture and the civil engineering. Among these projects there are the solar monuments of Martiana Square in Las Tunas and the Memorial in Caimito of Hanabana in Matanzas, both dedicated to Jose Marti. The Unusual House doesn’t use technologies of last generation, but rather it is based on the ingenious application of physical experiments to create optic illusions and of other types. All this was conceived with the fundamental purpose of promoting the healthy entertainment and the knowledge. Not in vain the cameras take the name of Galileo Galilee, Pythagoras of Samos, Isaac Newton, Arquimedes of Syracuse and Leonardo Da Vinci. It is necessary to highlight that in the world there are about a dozen of constructions that have been built in a special way or that they have suffered accidents, which allow to appreciate optic and physical effects and to offer the sensation that in them the universal laws of gravitation are not applied.

The Unusual House and its Particularities

This construction is one of a kind in Cuba, it also challenges the graveness and it began to be built in 2013. Who visit the Unusual House, can find five cameras or interior rooms that have the necessary mechanisms to astonish the spectators. In there, you can observe a billiards table – with some shorter paws that other, totally inclined but however you can play -, the water that ascends by its own weight, the wave that never falls, pendulums that rest inclined and a seat of which the visitor won’t be able to get up without help. In its exterior you can find a movie room in third dimension. The project includes a space for the presentations of companies and interpreters of the magic spectacle, scenic arts manifestation that in Las Tunas every year on November summons its more important national event: the Amphora Magic Festival. The visitors finish the journey and they leave astonished by the experienced. Also they are taken a general idea of the reason of the physical and mathematical phenomena.

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