The Tourism Situation in Cuba

La situación del turismo en Cuba
La situación del turismo en Cuba se puede decir que goza de buena salud en la actualidad, pues la política turística cubana implantada y vigente ha iniciado

Some General Information about the Tourism Situation in Cuba

The tourism situation in Cuba is in good health today, as current Cuban tourism policy has been implemented and has initiated successful lines of action, among others, dedicating the majority commitment to the development of mass tourism, working also to penetrate the markets of other specialized tourisms, although minority, could be very interesting and profitable, among which are: health, congresses, nature, culture, etc.

To implement this projection, the Ministry of Tourism has established well-defined lines of work, which is strongly attached to the needs of today’s tourism market.

Some of these lines are the structure and quality of supply, marketing, human resources, foreign participation, the development of aviation, cruisers, multi destinies, linking culture and tourism, the effect of domestic tourism on the economy and sustainable development of the sector.

The Tourism Situation in Cuba and its Peculiarities

It can also be said in this regard that the situation of tourism in Cuba today and in the future has a predominant mode product that is sun and beach, which accounts for about 67% of the hotel industry and 60 % of tourists arriving.

The development is focused on eight main areas: Havana, Varadero, Jardines del Rey, north of Camagüey, north of Holguin, Santiago de Cuba, South and Central Coast and Canarreos archipelago, which cover 86% of the potential rooms estimated.

The general design criteria for these regions are based on the preservation of the environment and strict enforcement of our environmental laws.

It is relevant to stand out that this sector contributes over 50% of foreign exchange entering the Cuban economy.

Intensive construction of houses has enabled encourage industry of building materials, and construction in general, local industries.

Through Financial Department of the MINTUR productions, local services, and goods and consumption are pre-finance are developed for tourism, due to the competitiveness that exists, besides it also are incorporated other sectors of the economy in this effort to develop tourism.

A major change in the structure of providers has happened, since national market already provides more than 50% of the resources needed for investment.

Foreign Investment and the Tourism Situation in Cuba

To define the situation of tourism in Cuba is also vital to have foreign participation.

According to the sustained growth of our tourism development, foreign participation in the sector is extensive and international networks involved in the effort to increase the number of visitors that go to the hotels.

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