Terms and conditions of use

Terms and conditions of use

The general conditions of use are effective for different online services developed by Dimor, including subscription newsletters and participation in discussion forums, chat rooms and mailing lists of sites produced by Dimor (of French nationality located in Paris , acting for all legal effects independently). These conditions remain accessible to our users through links and buttons arranged for this purpose on this site. Carefully read these conditions for proper use of content and services provided by Dimor is recommended. The use of such content and services implies acceptance of these conditions.

Dimor may revise the content of these terms of use at your convenience, or the changes made to the site so recommended. Since the use of content and services on this site implies the acceptance of the above conditions, as well as subsequent amendments, frequent reading of this section is recommended if there continued use of the site. Dimor indicate the dates that a review of these terms for the information of its users to occur.

Failure to comply with the conditions of use set forth herein will mean the immediate termination of access to the site, making use for this purpose of the technical means available to Dimor


1. Views of service users

2. Personal use of this service

3. Material published by the user

4. Copyright

5. Materials provided by third parties

6. Labor publisher

7. Additional Terms

8. Warranties and limitations authorized use

9. exposed on medical advice.

10. Cancellation of Service

11. Jurisdiction
Views expressed by its members.

Dimor not responsible for the opinions, judgments or comments made by users in this or any of their sites or in areas prepared for the purpose, such as discussion forums or any other section of this site. Any information, opinion, comment or information expressed by our users is subject to their own and do not represent the viewpoint of Dimor.

Personal use of this service

Permission to use the content and services of this site is not transferable. In no case it implies the possible transfer of this authority to others and implies that you are responsible for using this service.

You agree not to use, in any case, of language, obscene, indecent or offensive or provide false, inaccurate, defamatory or abusive information. At the same time agree on this site does not include any kind of encrypted material, unauthorized advertising, or try sending unwanted emails and any other activity that violates people’s privacy or constitutes a crime by the violation of any local, national or international law. The use of content and services on this site implies the acceptance of these conditions and laws and may be subject otherwise the corresponding legal actions will be dealt with in the appropriate courts for that purpose.

Use of this site does not allow access to the provider’s servers under any limitation, by using administrator passwords, or any other method than the established for this purpose by using a web browser and the corresponding http requests.

You are responsible for any material posted on this site, including texts, photographs, videos or sounds, which must always respect copyright and trade mark law, trade secrets or other intellectual property right.

The content provided in this site are for personal use. This site contains material subject to copyright rules. Under no circumstances authorizing the commercial or other unauthorized use of this material through publication, transfer, distribution, etc. use the material obtained through this site, except uses permitted by current regulations.

You agree not to interfere or intervene modify this site, as well as its software, hardware and servers in any way, as well as prevent or interfere with the use made by third parties. It shall not alter or tamper with the site using information, materials or related items.

You are informed not the responsibility of the provider of this service on the content of any site that links to this site, as well as the actions or activities held by them, which in any case does not imply any commitment or acceptance of Dimor. Access to any other site using links available from this site is the sole responsibility of its users.

Material published by the user

The information, opinions, judgments or comments posted on the forums of this site or any other space reserved not involve proprietary nature thereof. This service provider reserves the right to use, reproduce, modify, translate, transmit or distribute any information or materials provided by you or sent through established service areas, or any other existing or to be developed, for any possible use thereof, including commercial use. Any information or material provided or transmitted to this service is subject to the privacy policy approved by Dimor and is accessible at any time via links arranged for this purpose on this site.


Dimor undertakes to respect at all times the intellectual property of others, and we ask our users to respect these rights equally. Dimor can under certain circumstances and at its discretion, deny access to its content to users, subscribers and registered that violate existing intellectual property laws.

If you think that some of his works has been copied and is available on this service for violating the laws or discover links to third party websites that also violate applicable regulations in this area, contact Dimor to notify this situation by any of these possible ways:

Email: [email protected]

Material provided by third parties

As user of this site you agree not require Dimor any responsibility for any information or materials provided by third parties, including those regarded as defamatory, offensive or illegal.

Editorial work

Dimor reserves the right to review, edit, move or delete any material posted by its users in discussion forums or in any other area of ​​the site at your own discretion and without prior notice.

Additional conditions

Dimor reserves the right to publish when necessary additional conditions to those set out above, which affect the use of content and services of this site, or specific parts thereof, which shall be clearly identified consider. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of these additional usage rules.

Guarantees and limitations authorized use.

You agree to use this site at your own risk, and are exempt Dimor, as provider of this service, any express or implied warranties with respect to total content and services in this site. Both Dimor and its associated companies can not guarantee that the use of this site is free from interruptions, errors, omissions or losses as far as the transmission of information is concerned, and do not guarantee no transmission of computer viruses resulting from the use of the service. They may not therefore be held accountable Dimor or its partners, by the user, or third parties for damages caused by direct or indirect cause of or access to this Site, any of its contents and regardless of the use nature of causing injury.

On medical advice given.

The information published on this site is not authorized medical advice. Any information or material posted on this site, responds in all cases, to an informative intention general and should not be considered medical advice or expert opinion, diagnosis or treatment. No information contained herein replaces the collegial care. For a professional opinion consult your specialist.

Cancellation of Service

Dimor reserves the right to cancel or refuse access to the content and services of this site according to internal reasons, without notice.


By using the content and services of this site you agree to the above conditions, leaving them subject to current legislation for any conflict or legal proceedings which will be processed by the relevant courts of Madrid.

Failure to accept the conditions and rules of use here collected, should abandon this service. You can contact the service provider for any theme here:

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