Soledad – Leoni Torres

About the song and the music video Soledad (Lonliness)by Leoni Torres

Leoni Torres pays homage to the film Maria Antonia, a classic of Cuban cinema, in his video entitled “Soledad”. With this material the outstanding Cuban musician inaugurated his official YouTube channel, with the name LT Producciones.
Soledad is a salsa song born from the inspiration of Leoni Torres. The video recreates a love story starring the singer-songwriter and his wife Yuliet Cruz, renowned Cuban actress. This is the second time that the interpreter works with his partner, the previous opportunity was in the clip “If you Kiss your Mouth”.
In the clip of Soledad, Leoni represents a boxer, because for a long time the artist wanted to play the role of an athlete. Soledad was directed by Yeandro Tamayo and is also a tribute to the outstanding Cuban actress Alina Rodriguez, recently deceased, for her excellent work in the protagonist of Maria Antonia.

About Leoni Torres

Leonardo Torres Alvarez (Camagüey, November 24th, 1977). Vocalist, composer and producer, cataloged as one of the most important figures of Cuban music.
He began his artistic career from a very young age. He was evaluated as a singer in 1998 in his hometown. After a brief work with the Costa Sur Group, Camagüey, and an incursion in the humor, in 1999 he entered the Maravillas de Florida Orchestra and recorded the album named “Vieja , pero se mantiene. His work in this orchestra – the second oldest in Cuba – caught the attention of David Calzado, who proposed him to join as a singer to his famous group.
In 2001 he joined the Charanga Habanera. During the eight years in which he was part of it performed duets and projects with important figures of Cuban music. He achieved great hits like “Tiene de Cuba, tiene mela’o” and “Gozando y a lo cubano”. He traveled the world with the colleagues of David Calzado and recorded several times.
Leoni decided to give way to a project of his own, alone. In 2008 he released his first solo album titled Bajo la Piel (Under the Skin), with which he was the singer of the year in Cuba. The disc includes 13 pop songs with strong presence of Cuban and Caribbean rhythms, as well as the sonority of jazz. The single Adonde Vas (Where are you Going?) became a musical event in Cuba and part of Latin America, in addition to the acceptance reached by the piece No pierdas tiempo (Do not waste time), which in Cuba has accompanied the campaign to prevent HIV.
With his project he has performed multitudinous concerts throughout the island and has performed in other countries, including Mexico and Canada.
He has placed tracks on national radio charts. Some of his songs are included in the documentary Popular, by the American director Jennifer Paz; in the Cuban-Italian film A crazy dreamer, directed by the Italian Angelo Rizo; and in the Cuban-Spanish film Vírros Cycles, of the director Antonio Hens.
His first CD Bajo la piel was nominated for the Cubadisco Awards, in the Pop Category. The song “Do not waste time” was chosen for the campaign against HIV in 2009. It has won three Popularity Awards summoned by the television program called “Entre tú y yo”. From 2007 to the present he has given voice to themes of soup operas and adventure series: “The Three Villalobos”, “Longed Encounter” and “Here we Are”. In 2009 he made his first DVD as a producer.
In 2011 he produced his second album called Latiendo (Beating), from which Leoni Torres solidified his solo career and became one of the most recognized figures in contemporary Cuban music.
From 2014 the artist was developed not only as an interpreter but also as a composer and example of it are the songs: “Traidora”, theme of his authorship defended by Marc Anthony and Gente de Zona with great international success and “So that One Day you Return “work that shares a duet with Pablo Milanes. In addition to these themes Leoni placed in the popular preference others as: “Soledad” and “I Was Wrong,” the latter played with the young singer Divan Sotelo.
The year 2016 was decisive for Leoni Torres especially in favor of its international recognition, and in this contributed to a great extent the contract signed with the Magnus Media Company, producer of the singer Marc Anthony.

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