Sirena Beach

Sirena Beach
Sirena Beach is characterized by fine white sand, transparent waters and waves and little wind in a length of approximately 2 km. It is consi

General characteristics of Sirena Beach.

In the Canarreos Archipelago, very close to the Special Municipality Isla de la Juventud is Cayo Largo del Sur, where Sirena Beach is located, a beautiful natural landscape that stands out among the other beaches in the area.

Sirena Beach is characterized by fine white sand, transparent waters and waves and little wind in a length of approximately 2 km.

It is considered the quietest of the key, not only because of its location away from tourist facilities, but also because its waters are very calm.

The climate of playa sirena, as in the rest of the key, is tropical, with an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius and little rain. Adding to these atmospheric conditions the predominance of palm trees, this site is recommended for those who prefer sun and beach destinations, accompanied by moments of shade to rest and observe the natural landscape.

To access Sirena beach it is possible by two ways, the first is by air because there is an international airport on the key that receives flights from various nations of the world. The other way to get to that site is by sea because there is no land connection between the key and the island of Cuba.

One of the best features that Sirena has is that it is about 2 kilometers away from the hotel facilities, so it is a fairly quiet place. For those who are staying at a hotel on the key, it is possible to get to that beach by renting a taxi or on one of the daily trips offered by a little train from the hotels.

After arriving there you can enjoy the services of a restaurant, a bar and the rental of umbrellas and other beach accessories.

Beach attractions.

Like most of the beaches located in the keys of Cuba, transparent and calm waters accompanied by very fine white sands are one of its main attractions for tourism. But Playa Sirena also has an excellent underwater landscape, where starfish and snails are an essential part of them.

For lovers of aquatic attractions, diving and snorkeling have their space reserved in this area where you can see species such as sponges, corals, gorgonians and crustaceans, as well as various fish.

For visitors who are nature lovers, there are several environmental protection projects to preserve species such as the Manatee, the Loggerheads and the Turtles that involve the guests of the hotels on the key.

Accommodation on the Beach.

This beach, cataloged by many as the most beautiful in Cayo Largo del Sur, has no hotels around it, which makes it a fairly quiet area.

Those who are visiting the key will find, about 2 or 3 km from Sirena, several facilities of this type such as Sol Club Cayo Largo (5*) and Sol Pelícano (4*) operated by the Meliá group.

There is also the Barceló Cayo Largo Beach Resort (5*), Isla del Sur (3*), and the Villas: Lindamar (4*), Soledad (3*) and Coral (3*).

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