Sin que nadie se entere (Without Anyone Knowing) by Peter Nieto

On the song and music video of Sin que nadie se entere by Peter Nieto.

The song ” Sin que nadie se entere ” (Without Anyone Knowing) was born to the work of Peter Nieto with Cuban composer Osmani Espinosa and Planet Records.
Espinosa, leader of The Secret Office, commented in his official Facebook profile: “The first solo video of an artist that we have faith is going to be of paramount importance for our label, for his quality as a singer”.
Peter Nieto has no preference for a particular musical genre, on the contrary, he is intended to encompass a broad range of sonorities.
“My music is digestible both for children and young people as for adults. I fight form my music to gain a preference among different generations, and at the same time have international sense, “said Nieto.
The song was written by Peter Nieto and Osmany Espinosa, produced by Jay Simon at the Secret Office Studio (Cuba). A production of Planet Records Cuba.
Peter Nieto explains that the subject is very nice and daring, despite being a reggaeton. “It does not matter to me when it comes to good music.”
Asiel Babastro, director of the music video, suggested a story with motorcycles. “I love it and I have not ridden for a long time. It was fun”.

About Peter Nieto.

From an early age, Peter Nieto (Pedro Nieto Mora) felt an exceptional vocation for music and acting. At the age of six he won applauses from adults and children with his performances on the television musical shows Rainbow and Fantastic.
Twenty years later, the charismatic young man graduated as a light lyric tenor in the Teaching Unit of the National Lyric Theater – united to the Amadeo Roldan Music School – and formed his own accompanying group.
Nieto affirms that he seeks to “promote the music, dance, music, dance; as well as the quality of popular music and favor the spirituality of Cubans. ”
Belonging to the National Center of Popular Music, at the age of 26, this enterprising young man has shared stages with great national and international staff such as Charanga Habanera, Beatriz Marquez, Haila Mompie, Yuli and Habana C. Maikel Blanco and Caribe Girls ; besides with Gilberto Santa Rosa; Luis Enrique (the Salsero); Jose Alberto (el Canario); The Niche group, fro m Colombia; The Great Combo of Puerto Rico; Ruben Blades; Tito Nieve and Vico C.
His recording career was noticed when he received the 2010 Cubadisco Special Prize, with the children’s zarzuela Cerca del Rio –Near the River- (Colibri, 2008), and at the next edition of that event he won the International Prize for Voice and Interpretation. Other CD’s in which he has participated, with critics and public praise, are Cuban Popular Music Maracaibo Oriental and Soneros de Verdad (guest), with Buena Vista Social Club, as well as his presence on the Termidor Label in Germany; and other productions recurrently performed with Pupy and Son Son and Charanga Habanera.

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