The Saturn Cave

Saturn Cave
Saturn Cave

The Saturn Cave, in Matanzas, is an attractive option to carry out the diving in a beautiful cavern

In comparison with the famous Caves of Bellamar, the also from Matanzas Saturn Cave (also well-known as Cave of the Cepero) it is much more modest, but its attractiveness cannot be denied.
Although those of Bellamar are the most visited caverns of this Cuban western county, the Saturn Cave is also worth a visit to appreciate this other underground jewel, consistent in a flooded cave of stalactites and stalagmites where the visitor can swim.
At 12 kilometers from Matanzas, in the same direction as Varadero Beach we can find this grotto to which appears a lake of crystalline waters. To get there it is necessary to go to the Airport of Varadero and to take a road that takes to the coast, very near the Carbonera Town. There it is well signaled the tourist center the Saturn Cave.

General Characteristics of the Saturn Cave

The lake of the Cave of Saturn has an 18 meters depth but its waters are of such an incredible transparency that they allow to see the bottom without difficulty, this transforms it into an authentic natural pool, ideal to swim and where it can be enjoyed the practice of the snorkel and diving. Many stalagmites are submerged in a partial or total way, what means that in last times the cave was not flooded. It has two galleries where some blind have fish and shrimps have been seeing swimming in its waters, common species in the Cuban underground waters. It also exists a small built kiosk near the steps that penetrate the cave where you can eat and drink among the rest of people that arrive in trips guided from Matanzas or Varadero.

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