Salcedo Castle

Salcedo Castle
Salcedo Castle

General Information about Salcedo Castle

The construction of the Salcedo Castle was initiated in the second half of 1869 and was extended to the middle of the next decade.

This is indicated by a plane found in a Sevilla File, Spain. This document refers to the plan and profile of a work of artillery position on the Puerto Padre hill.

It dates back to 1875 and corresponds to the bottom drum of the fortress.

Some experts assume that is the date of termination but there are no concrete data in this respect. It could be the legalization of an already completed work.

Salcedo Castle and its Constructive Aspects

Unique in its type in the country, Salcedo Castle was built with abundant materials on site, like limestone, coco, lime, sand and binding substances such as aloe.

The process used to prepare the mortar was to stop the coconut to rot with other substances, including lime and aloe.

It was conceived as an asymmetrical rectangular, with access a battery by the front and a drum on the back.

In these places guns were located for their defense and the village.

Two background towers and two front towers, with their walls. The towers of two levels and embankments made possible the defense through over 80 loopholes.

Salcedo Castle and its History

In 1907 it was decided to move to the Salcedo Castle the Aguilera Hospital located in the Anacahuita. This idea did not progress.

During the pseudo-republic the fort was abandoned until 1958 when the “All for Puerto Padre” Club consisting of progressive persons of the local bourgeoisie, repaired the strong wall of the front that had been destroyed to build a house.

Later that year, since the revolutionary forces were overwhelming, the dictatorship forces used it as a camp.

Thereafter the Fort was the center of torture and abuse. On December 25th, 1958 the rebel forces took Salcedo Castle.

This position was the last to surrender to the revolutionaries, perhaps because of the excellent conditions of protection.

The Castle Assault

On the morning of February 14th, 1877 the mambi forces attacked the Salcedo Castle.

At dawn the fort surrendered to the Cuban forces. The booty was considerable.

The assault of Salcedo Castle also known as the La Loma Fort was a resounding triumph Mambi.

When the 68 War ended, the Fort was practically abandoned until 1895, when the new war emerged and to Spanish proceeded to its reconstruction and improvement.

The charge of this task was taken by Spanish engineer Bonet.

Since its foundation until 1898 the fort served as a prison for several people, Cubans and Spaniards, accused of collaborating with the forces of the Liberation Army or active elements of this army.

On May 21st of 1898 the fort was abandoned by his Spanish garrison. In the afternoon of that same day mambi forces took possession of the town and Salcedo Castle.

The Castle after the Revolutionary Triumph

When the Revolution triumphed Salcedo Castle barracks served temporarily for the Rebel Army and the created Revolutionary National Militia.

It was also used as barracks and various activities center. On November 4th, 1981 La Loma Fort was declared a National Monument by the Cultural Heritage Direction of the Ministry of Culture.

After a completed restoration it was inaugurated and opened to the public as a museum on December 25th, 1999.

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