Saetia Key

Saetia Key
Saetia Key is located on the northern coast of Cuba, at the entrance to the Nipe Bay in the eastern province of Holguin. Its area is approximately 42 squar

Located on the north coast of the eastern province of Holguin, right at the entrance of the Nipe Bay, Saetia Key is a place of great beauty.

Saetia Key is located on the northern coast of Cuba, at the entrance to the Nipe Bay in the eastern province of Holguin. Its area is approximately 42 square kilometers. Saetia Peninsula acquired its status of key in the years 1902-1903 due to the construction of the Dumois Channel, which enabled the naval traffic between Antilla, Felton, Preston, Guatemala and Nicaro. It is currently accessible by road, air or sea.
Saetia Key Natural Features.
The climate is warm in the key. There are two rainy and two dry periods for being placed under the influence of the Azores anticyclone established.
One of the landscapes and natural elements that stand out for tourist use is the forming of its beaches, coves with cliffs on carbonate rocks, this is an exclusivity of the key in the old channel of the Bahamas and the Caribbean. The underwater platform surrounding the cay save untold resources, space reefs and coral banks and where you can find tropical fishes that make it a very favorable site for underwater activities. The existence of different exotic sources of mammals and birds, as white tail deer, antelopes, zebras and parrots, favors the development of tourism-related options: contemplation, film and photography.

Flora in Saetia Key

Forests with grasslands forms create unique and spectacular scenery in Saetia, where a huge number of trees, flowering plants and epiphytes, including wild orchids can be find. It has a rich and diverse flora, represented by nine vegetation formations where more than 136 species, including 17 endemic d and endangered develops. In addition, 29 types of timber trees and 40 species of medicinal type.
In Saetia there is a mangrove ecosystem, which is evergreen vegetation, established in the coastal area of the southwest, with perennial and temporary wetting of saline waters. This vegetation has a high diversity and there can be appreciated the red mangrove, black mangrove, patabon and yana.

Wildlife in Saetia Key

Under a concept of Natural Park, Saetia Key maintains a virginity invaded by the hand of man and allows the conservation of the original flora and fauna.
Saetia shows more than half of the territory populated by forests that serve as shelter for several species, by which is considered the largest reserve in the country. This activity is carried out in strict compliance with national and international regulations established to prevent damage to the habitat of the area and preserve the natural environment. The Gaviota Group, responsible for the administration of the site also provides the unique opportunity to take a safari in the jungle, with the hunting of wild animals in a thick vegetation environment.
Overlooking vacationers are provided with transportation, specialized protection, equipment, guides and well-defined routes, although the arms can be changed by the cameras to also be a unique paradise called to photograph the most beautiful natural landscapes.
Visitors can access most points of the island using vehicles suitable for these efforts, and its route stumble upon wild boars, buffaloes, ostriches, peacocks, zebras, tocororo birds, antelopes, jutias and wild bulls.
Among the fauna of Saetia Key are up to 110 species of birds, 12 reptiles, 6 amphibians, 145 fish, 15 of the cartilaginous type, 11 echinoderms, 69 mollusks and marine 6 terrestrial mollusks. Great biodiversity of endangered local and national endemic species in Saetia makes it a haven for flora and wildlife.
Water Activities in Saetia Key
For diving enthusiasts Saetia also offers, a coral reef runs along the cay, the same that is located on the north coast of the eastern Cuban province of Holguin. Clear water, fine sand and a coast of rock formations provide a unique appeal, with different shades of color in the 12 beaches of the island and constitute a unique spectacle of the site.
Tourism in Saetia Key
The tourist infrastructure of the island has 12 rooms with air conditioning, television, specializing in exotic meats and Creole food restaurant. At the restaurant, visitors can taste a variety of dishes made with animals that live there, as well as fish and shellfish caught in the waters surrounding it.

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