Rent a car in Cuba

Rent a car in Cuba
The minimum period for rent a car in Cuba is 5 days and the maximum is 30 days, if you need more time you must make a new reservation.

Renting a car, another option to know Cuba as you please.

When visiting Cuba you can visit many places. You will have the options to do it on foot, by bicycle, by bus or you can do it on your own if you rent a car. Here we will offer you some preliminary clarifications.

For how long can you rent a car?

The minimum period to rent a car in Cuba is 5 days and the maximum is 30 days, if you need more time you must make a new reservation.

An important clarification, the first day of the reservation defines the season and the price, for example, if you book the 1st day in the Low Season everything will be for the Low season even if the rest falls in the High season and vice versa.

What is not included in the reservation?

The fuel tank that can cost between 60 and 70 CUC, the insurance that could be included depending on the offer, or the value of the security deposit of 150, 200 or 250 CUC according to the contracted category.

If you hire another place of return or additional driver, it will be paid at the time of signing the contract at the destination, in CUC, according to the established cost.

The deposit is only charged in the event of accidents, breakages confirming that the driver is guilty and in case of damage to the tires, rims, music equipment or vehicle in general.

If you choose the type of car with collection, another point will be confirmed other than the one requested, by accepting and completing the reservation, you are obliged to accept this condition.

For your safety you must have medical insurance, the insurance that is paid for the car rental, does not include any medical part.

You must be careful with the reservation ticket.

The rental house is not responsible if you lose it or do not present it or if you otherwise lose your driving license.

In these cases, the client will not receive the service in these cases or if he incurs delays, additional expenses will be applied.

To drive in Cuba, what requirements must I meet?

You must present your Passport and Driving License when booking two years old, it cannot be a photocopy or temporary license. We clarify that the minimum age to drive in Cuba is 21 years old.

Payments at destination.

Auto Insurance: Between 15 and 20 CUC a day depending on the category of the car.

Security Deposit: Between 150 to 450 CUC depending on the category of the car, it is returned at the conclusion of the reservation if the vehicle has no incidents.

Full fuel tank: You must pay between 60 and 70 CUC at the time of car pick up.

Airport collection and return charge: If you want to collect and return the car at any airport in the country, you must pay a charge 20 CUC at the time of collection and 20 CUC upon return of the car.

Drop off charge: If the car is returned in a different place from the pick-up, you will have to pay a surcharge that goes from 25 CUC to 110 CUC depending on the distances.

What you can’t forget.

You must require the entry in the rental contract of the telephone number of the 24-hour Assistance Service of the rental company.

In the event of any deficiency or breach of the reserved services, present your complaint on the spot, before leaving the rental facilities, so that it can be solved and, if possible, add the clarification in the contract.

The rental contract must be signed at the time of rental, making clear the obligations of both parties. Requires reading and explanation of all conditions, including insurance coverage.

In case of loss or mistreatment of the AUTO, the renting Company will not refund the guarantee deposit collected at the time of booking.

Check that the car is clean, the condition of the tires, the operation of all the lights, the air conditioning, the radio and the wipers.

Make sure that all the damages that the car may have appear in the contract, including the lack of emblems, side lights, scratches, blows, among others.

What do I do if I have an accident or my car is stolen?

In the event of an accident, immediately call the local police number, which will be written down in your contract, and if possible will also call the rental company’s 24-hour service phone number.

What should I keep in mind when delivering the car?.

The return rates are applicable when the client delivers the car to a different establishment from the one of collection. Check them out.

If you return the car in a different place to where you took it, specify it to the official so that it is noted in the rental agreement and worry about knowing the charges that apply in this modality.

The car must be delivered before or at the time agreed in the contract.

Failure to comply with it will apply a penalty according to the contract, may be up to the cost of an additional day.

When returning the car, demand the copy of the closed contract, with the name of the official who attended you or any notation that you consider necessary.

Agencias de Alquiler de Autos en Cuba

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La Havana
Havanautos – Hotel Chateau Miramar
Havanautos – Hotel Copacabana
Havanautos – Hotel Neptuno
Havanautos – Kasalta
Havanautos – Miramar 1ra y 0
Havanautos – Miramar 1ra y 14
Havanautos – Miramar Pizza Nova
Havanautos – Playa 42 y 33
Havanautos – 3ra y Paseo
Havanautos – Hotel Nacional de Cuba
Havanautos – Hotel Tryp Habana Libre
Plages de l’Est de La Havane
Havanautos – Gran Via
Havanautos – Hotel Tropicoco
Havana Center
Havanautos – Galiano y Concordia
Havanautos – Hotel Deauville
Aéroports de La Havane
Havanautos – Jose Marti Airport Terminal 3
Havanautos – Hotel Villa Tropico
Havana Vieja
Havanautos – Cruise Terminal, Havana Harbour
Havanautos – Hotel Parque Central
Havanautos – Hotel Plaza
Havanautos – Hotel Sevilla
Pinar del Río
Havanautos – Hotel Mirador de San Diego
Havanautos – Hotel Vueltabajo
Havanautos – San Juan y Martinez
Havanautos – Sandino
Havanautos – Hotel La Ermita
Havanautos – Hotel Pinar del Rio
Havanautos – Hotel Melia Varadero
Havanautos – Matanzas
Havanautos – Hotel Iberostar Varadero
Havanautos – Hotel Sol Palmeras
Havanautos – Hotel Villa Cuba
Havanautos – Varadero Airport
Havanautos – Varadero Calle 21
Havanautos – Cienfuegos Airport
Havanautos – Hotel Jagua

[/su_column][su_column size=”1/2″]
Sancti Spiritus
Sancti Spiritus
Havanautos – Parque Sancti Spíritus
Havanautos – Cupet Trinidad
Havanautos – Hotel Ancon
Havanautos – Hotel Brisas Trinidad del Mar
Havanautos – Infotur Trinidad
Villa Clara
Santa Clara
Havanautos – La Catedral
Havanautos – Santa Clara Airport
Havanautos – Remedios
Jardines del Rey
Cayo Coco
Havanautos – Cayo Coco
Havanautos – Hotel Melia Cayo Coco
Havanautos – Florida
Havanautos – Camaguey Airport
Havanautos – Hotel Plaza
Playa Santa Lucia
Havanautos – Hotel Club Santa Lucia
Las Tunas
Havanautos – Hotel Covarrubias
Havanautos – Hotel Las Tunas
Havanautos – Guardalavaca
Havanautos – El Cocal
Havanautos – Holguin Airport
Havanautos – Hotel Pernik
Havanautos – Pico Cristal
Havanautos – Hotel Marea del Portillo
Havanautos – Hotel Sierra Maestra
Santiago de Cuba
Santiago de Cuba Ville
Havanautos – Hotel Carisol los Corales
Havanautos – Hotel Casagranda
Havanautos – Hotel Las Américas
Havanautos – Hotel Libertad
Havanautos – Hotel Meliá Santiago
Havanautos – Hotel San Juan
Havanautos – Hotel Sierra Mar
Havanautos – Santiago de Cuba Airport
Havanautos – Baracoa
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