The Polo Montañez House-Museum

Polo Montañez House Museum
Polo Montañez House Museum

The Polo Montañez House-Museum and its Environment

In the Sierra del Rosario (Rosario Mountains), a simple house is visited daily by dozens of people from various parts of the world.

It is the home of the singer Polo Montañez , whose real name was Fernando Borrego Linares.

His home turned into a museum, is located in the Las Terrazas Community, in the western province of Pinar del Rio, just 70 kilometers west of the Cuban capital.

He was also known as Guajiro Natural, who came to be one of the most revered songwriters for the Cuban public at the end of the nineties and early 2000.

His music occupied Cuban radio and television stellar spaces and he was even part of the figures that the island youth worshiped. On November 26th , 2002 he died in a car accident, with only 47 years old, right on the cusp of a short career, but almost unprecedented.

The Polo Montañez House Museum and its Environment

Today the Polo Montañez House Museum is part of the Las Terrazas Tourist Complex.

It is a community in which a sustainable rural economy project based on tourism rational exploitation of natural resources and improving the quality of life of its inhabitants.

The surrounding landscape and the grandeur of nature catch the visitor. Visitors to the house of Polo Montañez – who could only record two musical productions – will appreciate among other valuable relics gold and platinum records obtained by this self-taught artist whose prizes were enough to make it a relevant part of the country´s popular music, being the only Cuban who deserved them with his first album, the album titled Guajiro Natural. Visitors can also appreciate the Polo´s iconic white hat and his guitar, which immortalized the artist’s presence as beautiful symbols.

Other personal objects and the Illustrious Son of Colombia Distinction are exposed. It seems that Polo is there at home, ready to take up his guitar and interpret us some of his beautiful melodies.

The Polo Montañez House-Museum of its Environment

Polo expressed its commitment to that community since childhood when he marveled at that ecological mosaic of great diversity and richness that is Pinar del Río.

He lived in love with the natural beauty of the Sierra del Rosario, one of six biosphere reserves of Cuba. On the site, in the nineteenth century, French, Spanish and Creole undertook the coffee development of the area.

Currently you can see the diversity of ancient plantations ruins in the environment.

In the Sierra del Rosario and Las Terrazas specifically, the latter where the Polo Montañez Museum de is located, the singer was inspired to compose dozens of songs that came to attract the hearts of millions of Cubans and Latin Americans.

Among them are: “A lot of stars”, “If she Loves me”, “Where will she be”, “Pale Flower”, “My Guitar” and “The Last Song”.

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