The Naranjo Bay Natural Park

The Naranjo Bay Natural Park
The Naranjo Bay Natural Park

General Information about Naranjo Bay Natural Park

The Naranjo Bay Natural Park is located on the northern coast of Holguin province and it is characterized by its excellent environmental quality.

The bay has an area of 4.2 square kilometers, an average depth of 6 meters and stored in its basin about 25 million cubic meters of water.

The bay has a little channel that communicates with the adjacent sea and a set of five keys, the largest of which is in its central portion called Jutía Key.

In its western margin it has several inlets and peninsulas and the Arroyo de Oro Estuary, while the south has a number of incoming and outgoing flows and the Naranjo River.

The east side is straight and has a series of small beaches and sandy segments and also has a fairly wide cove with a small key.

The Laguna Dorada stands here. The bay is surrounded by more than 200 thousand hectares of natural forests that contain more than 600 floral species, many of them endemic, especially the Cuabal Costeros area.

The Naranjo Bay Natural Park and its Peculiarities

The aim of Naranjo Bay Natural Park is the conservation, recovery, enrichment and sustainable use of natural resources in the area.

On the coast sections of mangroves are abundant, coastal jungles and endemic trees from the Cuban coast occupy an area of 32 km.

With such features, the park takes care of environmental conservation and natural resources of the area, the process of reforestation, conservation, recovery and sustainable use of natural resources as well as the protection of the marine coast and forests.

Main Attractions of Naranjo Bay Natural Park

Numerous eco- tourism paths are located around the bay and keys, as well as a country restaurant, aquariums and a dolphinarium where visitors can swim with dolphins.

The Naranjo Bay Natural Park offers options for those seeking to enjoy nature: The Guanas and Peñón-Conuco de Mongo-Viña natural paths. For those who love outdoor sports the park´s offers are extensive, however golf training camp is one of the most important.

The park has a comfortable cabin built on a key next to the Aquarium.

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