The Municipal Museum of La Palma

Musée municipal de La Palma dans la province de Pinar del Río
The Municipal Museum of La Palma, community cultural institution

The Municipal Museum of La Palma, community cultural institution, treasures much of the past and traditions of the town of La Palma and its inhabitants. The building was built in 1892 as a spaniard merchant’s house from Spain, when he died his descendants inhabited it until the 1980´s.
In its exhibition halls there are articles and objects divided into 11 sections and more than 20 collections related to Numismatics, Weapons, Documents, Archeology, Material Culture, Painting and Drawing, Natural Sciences and Publications.
There are also samples of Religious Ethnology, History, Costumes, Cannonballs, July 26 Movement Bonuses, Manuscripts, Sabers and Machetes of the 19th Century, Firearms, Ancient Maps and Maps and much more.
Its specialists are also dedicated to researching local history to preserve the past and present memory of that community alive and that the future is assured if we talk about preserving identity and heritage.

Municipality La Palma

One of the municipalities of the western province of Pinar del Río is La Palma located at the northern end of that region. It has an extension of more than 600 square kilometers and has mountainous heights of more than 500 meters high.
Its territorial limits are to the north the Gulf of Mexico, to the south the municipalities Consolación del Sur and Los Palacios, to the east Bahía Onda and to the west the Viñales municipality.
The story goes that this land had several aboriginal settlements and with the passing of the years and the arrival of the independence struggles, their men and women joined the war in its different stages until reaching the victory of 1959 throughout the island.
Currently the municipality has a shield, its own anthem and they are very prominent in the production of tobacco, cane and coffee.

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