Mujer Bonita “Pretty Woman” – Raul Paz

On the song and music video Mujer Bonita “Pretty Woman” by Raul Paz.

The music video for the song Mujer Bonita, by popular Cuban singer Raul Paz, is directed by Raul and Carlos Eduardo Maristany, and has the choreographic participation of Danza Abierta.
According to the artist: “Music has found an interesting ally in the audiovisual. Not only in the classic video clip. All music always has an image in front. ”
In order to unite these concepts, the Pretty Woman clip has music, image and dance.”It is cheerful, positive and very summery.
According to Paz, this collaboration announces somewhat the color of the new album, “with electronic and Caribbean sounds, as well as songs closely related to images”.
Unlike many other choreographic videos, it makes the dancers the protagonists of a self-referential game, of those that in big screen would be classified like “cinema within the cinema”. The singer-songwriter dispenses with the “ego figurative” delirium that attacks other performers, and gives way to the staging of amorous glare, which is acted, danced, gesticulated and suggested by dancers, set to represent and transcend physical exhibitionism, innuendo erotic, rhythmic and virtuous performance.

About Raul Paz songwriter of the song Pretty Woman.

Raul Paz was born in Pinar del Rio, Cuba. He composed his first songs at the age of 10. He grew up listening to the peasant genres and the improvisation.
At 17 he went to Havana, where he received special courses of action with the master Armando Suarez del Villar, and graduated in the specialty of Classic Singing in the Superior Institute of Art of Havana (1986 -1993). As an actor, the audience was able to appreciate him in the Cuban film Hello, Hemingway and in the Adventures Nighttime of Cuban television.
In 1996 he left Cuba, first to South America and ended up in France. There he obtained a scholarship to study a Master’s degree in Musicology and Singing at the Paris Conservatory. Later, in that city he learned singing and harmony in Scola Camtorum.
In the mid-90s Paris was a melting pot of music and Raul made his living playing in the New Morning, Hot Brass and Bataclan clubs and became one of the pioneers of the Cuban wave. While in these chores he was seen by Ralph Mercado, founder of the RMM label, and recorded his first album, Cuba Libre, at Gloria Estefan’s studio in Miami, which was a success, selling about 100,000 copies and won him the Best new male artist.
After a time signed with Patrick Zelnik’s label Naïve and from this relationship was born Mulata in 2003 (sold 60,000 copies). From this great success he outlined his own style that has a little of everything: trova, salsa, pop, electro, funk, timba, fusion.
With Revolution he achieved artistic maturity and the tours and promotional concerts launched him into the world and back to his country, where he was welcomed by a loyal and excited audience, so came the albums Live and at Home.
He has worked with Tito Puente and his orchestra, in the Orishas project with M. Niko and Liban, and shared with extraordinary musicians from the world as Celia Cruz, El Canario, Ricky M, Luis Enrique, Isidro Infante, India, Oscar D ‘Leon, Marc Anthony, Rosario Flores, Pasion Vega, Antonio Carmona, Lolita, Gilberto Gil, Luz Casal, Manu Chao, Ketama, Ruben Blades, Jimmy Cliff, Damian Marley, Diego Ramon Jiménez (El Cigala), among great ones.
He also worked with the director of the musical theater Alfredo Arias (Mambo Mistico) and with the conductor Antoni Parera (La Gran Via) and wrote music for the film La vie d’un autre. He also composed songs for Rosario Flores (“El beso”) and for Murray Head Litle One (“Carmen París 25 años”) and produces music and arranges for Barbara Luna, from Argentina; Angus, of England; and Victor Lazlo, from France.
His music has traveled through various scenarios including Cuban, European, Asia, North Africa, Latin America and the United States.
Raul Paz is UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador.

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