Marti Square in Las Tunas

Marti Square in Las Tunas
Marti Square in Las Tunas

Marti Square in Las Tunas and its General Data

Marti Square in Las Tunas was the result of a profound and precise investigation that involved history, astronomy and architecture.

It was inaugurated on March 25th, 1995 occasion of the centenary of the signing of the Montecristi´s Manifest. This square treasures a great deal of scientific knowledge with two essential main roles the Jose Marti: Cuban National Hero-represented by a Rita Longa´s sculpture- and the sun.

Marti Square is composed by other current architectural symbols captured in a mural and a monument on the spot where Ángel de la Guardia Bello fell in battle in this city, the only eyewitness to the fall of the Cuban National Hero Dos Rios (Two Rivers).

The traditional use is monumental as the setting for major events, awards and morning by many organizations, research centers and working in the province.

Special features of the Marti Square in Las Tunas

Marti Square in Las Tunas is distinguished by three essential components: a solar reflector, a calendar and a sundial of 7.20 meters in diameter, which focused on the north-south geographical direction parallel to the rotation earth axis, that precisely define time.

Associated with the movement of the shadow it operates the solar calendar, drawn on the floor described in the soil surface a series of matching lines that stand for the historical and astronomical dates such as the birth and death of the Apostle and summer solstices and winter and spring and fall equinoxes.

Marti Monument and the sundial are unique elements inside and outside the country.

The reflector is a flat mirror on the head of a pedestal, which projects the sunlight on the face of Jose Marti sculpted in bronze by Rita Longa.

This component is located astronomically as solar coordinates, so that every May 19th at 2:30 pm, time of death of the Apostle, sunlight reflects on his face.

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