The Levisa cay

Levisa Cay
Levisa Cay has a magnificent beach that stretches along its entire north coast with a length of 2,500 meters and offers visitors the magic of its relative

Levisa Cay from Cuba, a natural treasure to enjoy on your vacation.

Located on the north coast of Pinar del Río, just 2 km from the mainland is Levisa Cay, a small island – key with a surface area of 2.5 km².

Levisa Cay has a magnificent beach that stretches along its entire north coast with a length of 2,500 meters and offers visitors the magic of its relative isolation, since it is only connected to land through boats.

Levisa Cay is located about 150 kilometers west of the city of Havana and the roads that connect them are in relatively good condition.

This small island is accessed through a boat that departs from Palma Rubia, municipality of La Palma, on a pleasant trip that can last around 20 minutes.

Once there we find the Levisa Cay Hotel, which is made up of comfortable cabins that have the necessary services to guarantee a good stay.

How to get to Levisa Cay in Cuba?

The only way to get to Levisa Cay is on a ferry that departs from the small port of Palma Rubia, a boat with 3 daily services one way and another 3 return.

To visit Levisa Cay, it is best to hire the trip or request information about it in the city of Pinar del Río. I remind you that it is 75 km from the city.

You can also book this tour at any of the Viñales hotel facilities, 50 km south.

Also moving by car on your own can make the trip very interesting. There are two daily departures: 10 am and 5 pm. The boarding point has parking and a security guard where you can leave the car.

Where to stay if I visit Levisa Cay in Cuba?

To stay in Levisa Cay you have an excellent recommendation: the Levisa Cay hotel. It is made up of about 56 cabins located on the beach and more are built until reaching 78.

Among the services offered are the Reception, Shop, Internet café, Lobby, restaurant, kitchen and Lobby Bar. It should be noted that the main guests of the hotel are divers who are looking to explore the beautiful seascapes of the area, but there are still options for you in this accommodation.

The cabins are wooden and are connected to each other by elevated walkways a few meters from the coast. The accommodation includes full board, that is, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You can check at the reception and sign up for some of the recreational options according to your preferences, be it snorkeling, kayaking, cruises, among others.

At Levisa Cay Hotel there is a fabulous internet connection despite its remote location.

If you are one of those who cannot be disconnected from the networks there you will have this option and you will keep your family and friends informed about your stay and how good a vacation there can be.

Given the small number of rooms available, it is advisable to book well in advance at this hotel, especially when traveling in high season.

The night in its cheapest option is for 79 euros and includes meals, not drinks. On the other hand, the most expensive is around 135. You can book online on the hotel’s website.

Where to eat in Levisa Cay?

In truth the only option there is is the hotel restaurant. If you hire an excursion you will have a sandwich with soft drink that is included in the option of 29 CUC or otherwise buffet food, included in the offer of 35 CUC.

A trick for those who like more with less is to choose the 29 CUC because once there you can pay the difference and go to the buffet.

What to do in Levisa Cay?

One wonders if there will be many options in such a remote and silent place. Well, in reality there are not many besides rest and relaxation.

Despite that, other options are equally tempting. Rest, relaxation and walking on the beach are excellent options for you.

In addition to the magnificent beach with no urban buildings nearby, almost entirely alone is the Diving Center, an institution that has the experience and adequate equipment to promote this form of water sport.

The center complies with international standards, which allow maximum security to be guaranteed in an activity that is not without its dangers.

From Levisa Cay Diving Center you can visit the 15 dive sites that have been explored in the coral reef that flanks Levisa Cay to the north, with approximately 2,000 meters of its coastline.

There you can fully observe the well-preserved coral formations, with a massive colony of sea stars and gorgonians and an abundant and varied marine fauna.

Coral reefs are part of the Los Colorados coral reef, one of the largest in the world and one of the best in the Caribbean.

About 500 species of fish, 200 of sponges and sufficient varieties of crustacean molluscs and other marine animals are said to live there.

Specifically, there are the star coral and brain coral formations, Gorgonia ventalina or sea fans, feathery gorgonians and numerous fish such as parrots, barbers, grunts, veneer, chernas, creole snappers and various crustaceans such as lobsters.

A very particular attraction in this region is the presence of trigonias, considered the oldest living fossils in the largest of the Antilles.

If you are a bird lover, you can also observe pelicans and seagulls as an obligatory element of the landscape.

You can rent a kayak or a water scooter or sign up for a sunset cruise or a boat trip on the opposite side of the island.

All these alternatives are paid. Included in the accommodation are others such as dances and workshops.

We recommend as a magnificent option the diving cruise in the coral reef organized by the Levisa Cay yacht club and can be booked at the hotel.

It leaves daily at 11, lasts about 3 hours and costs 18 CUC per person, snorkel gear included.

While in Cuba, be sure to visit Levisa Cay, an excellent option to recreate yourself in a healthy way.

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