Isla del Tesoro Rum

Isla del Tesoro Rum - Santiago de Cuba
The Isla del Tesoro Rum, made in Santiago de Cuba evokes the brandy that the corsairs and pirates who came to Cuba were chasing, the so-called Isla del

Isla del Tesoro Rum, a drink to taste when visiting Cuba.

As the Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, as a pirate song, as a renewed and Caribbean version of good taste and imagination, upon your arrival in Cuba, the largest of the Antilles, we invite you to taste the Isla del Tesoro Rum.

This is a Cuban rum made in Santiago de Cuba, an exclusive drink for many years because it was produced for its high quality only as a gift to personalities from politics, science, arts, letters and sports from all parts of the world , who maintained close ties of friendship with the government and the people of Cuba.

Treasure Island Rum, pure Santiago stock, is one of the jewels of the Bodegas de Añejamiento de la Ronera Santiago de Cuba, where the Light Rum was born for Cuba and for the entire Orb in 1862.

Even its presentation brings the story, it is a reminder of the treasures stolen in the attacks of corsairs and pirates.

The bottle refers to those that were thrown into the sea with a letter inside and their placement in sand inside the chest represents the arrival of that message on a beach.

The Treasure Island Rum is an irresistible option when you visit Cuba.

Isla del Tesoro Rum, From its origins.

Isla del Tesoro Rum evokes the brandy that the corsairs and pirates who came to Cuba were chasing, the so-called Treasure Island during the 16th and 18th centuries, and which was another part of the loot looted in the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.

It is worth clarifying that this brandy no longer looks like the old one. This even more aged and treated with care and refinement merits its name.

Isla del Tesoro Rum is strong in spirit, but soft to the nose and tasting.

The Treasure Island Rum has been produced since the 1960s in the Ronera Santiago de Cuba, the city where the Spanish Facundo Bacardí installed his liquor factory in 1862.

A very little known brand because it was not marketed, it was a present destination for illustrious personalities and visitors to the island. Its commercialization began only a few decades ago when Cuba Ron S. A was authorized to release it in a limited number of bottles.

Presentation of Isla del Tesoro Rum and bouquet.

Its current presentation is 500 milliliters (ml), Extra Añejo 20 plus, a work of art that comes from the hands and ingenuity of the rum masters José Navarro Campas, Tranquilino Palencia (Tano) and Julio Ayán and which is presented in a ceramic pot made by artisans from Isla de la Juventud.

The chest.

The chest is similar to those that kept the great treasures kept in the sand by corsairs and pirates, they are made by artists from the Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets with precious woods. It arrives on the market in boxes containing 4 chests with their respective poles, all listed.

The bottle

The bottle recalls treasures stolen during pirate and corsair attacks. A reminder of the messages thrown into the sea and ends with its placement in sand inside the chest that represents the arrival of that message on a beach.

It is completely handmade, from aged mixtures to its bottle that is made by artisans, and comes in boxes created for it in the form of ancient chests such as those used by corsairs and pirates.


Its current price is 450 euros, about 520 CUC to change because it is an exceptional drink, a gift to the palate for rum lovers.

Treasure Island Rum is considered a jewel of tradition with greater prestige for being produced in Santiago de Cuba, a place traditionally producing excellent and various rums.

Generations of rum masters who develop and mix aged bases infused with white oak barrels for almost 100 years.

It has 40 degrees of alcohol and for its aging it rests for 20 years in American white oak barrels.


Its flavor is reminiscent of cane brandy with very old blends of aging and its aroma and flavor provide notes of chocolate, coffee and vanilla. This Ultra Premium rum only has a circulation of 2000 bottles a year, which makes it even more exclusive.

Recognitions and awards for excellence.

The Treasure Island Rum was presented in 2016 and 2017 at the International Institute of Taste and Quality or Taste & Quality Institute whose headquarters are in Brussels.

The awards were presented by a jury of specialists from Europe’s most prestigious professional culinary organizations, the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale and other beverage experts.

There it gained three Gold medals for smell, flavor and appearance on both occasions, so far it is the only Cuban product that has achieved such merit.

Treasure Island Rum is an Ultra Premium rum, with a very limited production. The tastings guarantee the Superior Taste Award, which consists of the prizes that are awarded to the tasted products and classified with three stars (Exceptional, score of 90 percent and higher), two stars (Outstanding, score between 80 and 90 for percent) and a star (Notable, score between 70 and 80 percentage points)

A gift for Fidel’s friends now available to everyone.

They say that for its exquisite smell and flavor and even for its unique presentation, Fidel Castro Ruz decided to do it exclusively to gift his friends and well-known visitors.

The Cuban company Cuba Ron SA recently received permission to market the product for a price of 450 euros and limited to a few units.

As you pass through the island of Cuba, be sure to try this wonderful gift on the palate. The Treasure Island Rum awaits you like an old treasure trove of corsairs and pirates.

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