Infant mortality

La mortalidad infantil

Infant Mortality in Cuba and its General Data

Infant mortality is an international indicator that measures the health of the population and particularly the development on mother and child care.

In Cuba, this indicator is below 5 per thousand live births. And so it is positioned as the Latin American country with the lowest rate.

This measurement is performed including all deaths in children under one year meaning the deaths that occur in the population of live births in a period of 12 months.

This rate can be affected by many social, economic and scientific factors.

Therefore, the maximum and minimum rates can offer an idea of the differences between countries and even in geographical areas within a country.

h2>Cuba’s Infant Mortality and its Peculiarities.

In Cuba, a prioritized care for pregnant women has been given since the triumph of the Revolution.

This care is provided since they have very few weeks of gestation, for that reason doctors do prenatal consultations and pay visits to those who need it more, as well as all ingress to an adequate health care facility to those having any problems that may affect their fetus at any given time.

All these measures have allowed the infant mortality on the island to be maintained as the lowest in the history of any continent, even compared to first world countries.

The program of maternal and child health has achieved, among other goals, the reduction of infant and maternal mortality, due to the care that go from conception till the child immunization since children are vaccinated against 13 diseases.

Cuba was the first Latin American country to meet the goals of primary health care as the international strategy of Alma Ata, adopted in 1978.

Some Figures of Infant Mortality in Cuba

According to studies by UNICEF Cuba in 2008 obtained the lowest infant mortality rate in developing countries, being compared to developed country and 9 provinces have an even lower rate than the national one.

Cuba had already obtained in 2007 lower rates of infant mortality throughout its history, reaching US level and only being surpassed by Canada in the America Continent.

The abortion rate in Cuba is third of the 60 countries studied.

These data belong to the State of the World’s Children 2007 UNICEF Study. In 2008, less than 5 children per 1,000 live births die.

The main causes of death are accidents, malignant tumors, malformations, influenza and pneumonia. In 2009, the figure is stabilized at 4.8 and surpass Canada for the first time, in this indicator.

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