Havana in Autumn

La Havane en automne
Havana in Autumn, Although in many areas of the world, autumn is a favorable season to observe the wonderful change of color in the foliage,

The Cultural Landscape of Havana in Autumn

Although in many areas of the world, autumn is a favorable season to observe the wonderful change of color in the foliage, in Havana can be celebrated this time by enjoying the most diverse artistic and cultural proposals.

Dancing in Havana

Visiting Havana and not enjoying the most popular dances is a fatal mistake. The main nightclubs in the city, which sponsor the music to dance, have a usual list of presentations of the best salsa bands and contemporary music to dance.
It is the example of the House of Music of Miramar (35 Avenue corner of 20, in Playa Neighborhood), the Salón Rosado de la Tropical Benny More (41 Avenue between 46 and 44). There are the conditions for the best concerts of Cuban artists that will get you to move your feet.
Contemporary music and fusion meet at the Cantante National Theater Cafe, Paseo and 39 streets, to the side of the Revolution Square, from Monday to Friday and in their matinee schedule (starting at 4:00 p.m.). Salsa and Timba also have a place here, but if you prefer jazz, we suggest you go to the Jazz Cafe of Miramar (5th Avenue and 94), the Jazz Cafe of the Galerias de Paseo Shopping Center (1st and Paseo) or Gardens of the Theater Mella in Line and B, Vedado.
If classical dance is involved, there is the Alicia Alonso Havana Ballet Festival, in late October and early November, with its main venues in the Alicia Alonso Grand Theater in Havana (next to the Capitol), the National Theater Of Cuba (on Rancho Boyeros and Paseo avenues), the multicultural Karl Marx Space (on 1st and 10th streets, Miramar) and the Mella Theater, in Linea Street between A and B.
Meanwhile, the best of Photography is presented in November Photographic sponsored by the Photo Library. This is an excellent time to get closer to the snapshots of Cuban photographers and interact with classics.
Autumn is the season that welcomes winter … and in December we invited you to the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, a multicultural proposal from Havana, where the leaves do not fall because Cuba is an eternal summer: a summer of art, culture and diversity.

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