The Havana Club Rum Museum

The Havana Club Rum Museum
The Havana Club Rum Museum

The Havana Club Rum Museum, in Old Havana, features the history of the production of this drink; the most famous of Cuba

The Havana Club Rum Museum is located on the Avenida del Puerto (Port Avenue), Old Havana. The Havana Club Rum Museum´s main attraction is the explanation of the historical trajectory of the Cuban Havana Club Rum, which began in 1878 and it is considered one of the hundred World’s greatest.
The mansion now occupied by the museum was built between 1772 and 1780, when the property belonged to marriage of Don Jose Fajardo Covarrubias and Lady Josefa Montalvo, a powerful family of Havana society of his time. The building then was inherited by their son Don Juan Fajardo Covarrubias and Montalvo, wealthy coffee grower who brought the property to a significant period of splendor, because the mansion won in decorative richness and ended up having the most beautiful murals in the city. The facility built around a spectacular patio, is decorated in authentic and classic style. It has wide arches, strong pillars, high walls and wide plank.

The Bishop Espada, who arrived to the city at the beginning of the nineteenth century, became interested in the house to install the Episcopal Palace, he rented it and some changes were made in it. It was occupied for nearly two decades to pass again to the hands of its owner. The same nineteenth century left its mark on the building which adopted the style of this era, when it was replaced the tiled roof for the flat roof and using wood instead of iron on the balconies.
Don Ramon of Herrera, rich peninsular who held the title of Third Count of Mortera, bought it in 1892 to install the offices of his Shipping Company. During the Republic the building continued holding inside the offices of various companies and commercial companies based in the city. In the 60s of the twentieth century it was occupied by Mambisa Navigation Company (1961), the Academy of Sciences (1965) and in 1968 passed to host the National Council of Culture.

Restoration of the Havana Club Rum Museum

The project to restore this valuable building was carried out by specialists of the Architecture Heritage of the City Historian Office. In 1990 all the additions were eliminated since they threatened the original image, it was given to the Ministry of Culture and was then known as the House of the Young Creator, devoted entirely to cultural purposes. On March 2000 the building began to function as the seat of the newly created the Havana Club Rum Museum.
The museum tour (with guide service in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German) starting at the cooperage where white oak barrels are assembled. It includes an explanation that goes from planting sugar cane to the aging of the beverage through the history of the mill, the factories, the steam train and the processes of fermentation, distillation and filtration. Bartending classes are also offered in a wide range of drinks Cuban winners of fame in the world, a special tasting of Havana Club and the combination of liquor with tobacco and coffee.
In addition to the educational facilities of the museum, there is a shop where visitors can buy the full range of materials and Havana Club cocktails. The installation also has a bar-restaurant for the enjoyment of visitors.

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