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Relevant Data about Habaguanex SA

Belonging to the Havana Historian Office, the Habaguanex SA Hotel Chain is a Cuban corporation that was created on January 6th, 1994.

Named after the chief Habaguanex, which dominated the area which is now Havana, a lot of time before the arrival of Christopher Columbus.

At present, the company has 300 facilities including restaurants, shops, markets, cafes and 16 hotels and hostels, reaching to 546 rooms of different categories.

It is mainly characterized by offering a historical-cultural product, because it gives the customer the opportunity to learn important about works of architectural, cultural and historical value.

Its hotel infrastructure has luxury hotels, other cheaper hostels and even attractive modern buildings.

In this way, it takes advantage of the tradition and historical value available in its facilities and the area of Old Havana in general.

However, also it allows the refunctioning of old buildings that this time will be dedicated to tourist exploitation.

Habaguanex SA the Corporation operates in three main business lines: the hospitality, culinary and trade. For it is based on empowering a diverse tourism product linked to a rich cultural scene.

Compositional Structure of Habaguanex S.A.

As corporate and tourist entity Habaguanex SA develops gradually,it currently has 20 hotels, 39 restaurants and 56 bars.

In the hotel area you can find 10 international restaurants and 3 specialized. Habaguanex also puts at the disposal, its bars and more than two hundred shops and markets customers.

Hotel facilities stand out for their thematic segmentation – luxury or economic line -, which are located in buildings rehabilitated and redesigned to accommodate new functions.

Small, personalized, comfortable and with an air of modernity, they invite you to discover Old Havana through its courtyards and the privacy of their rooms and galleries.

The Ambos Mundos Hotel, Florida Hotel, the Saratoga Hotel and the Raquel Hotel are some of its most prominent exponents.

Habaguanex also has a total of 38 restaurants, 56 cafes and other 5 for the service in local currency. In addition to the exquisite creole suggestions there is a variety of specialties of international cuisine and it stands committed to the rescue of traditions and culinary customs of the island.

The Cafe del Oriente, the Castillo de Farnes, the Meson de la Flota, the Patio, the Templete, the Dominica, the Mina y the Floridita are some of the most recognized.

On the other hand, among the cafes and bars included in the outstanding infrastructure of this corporation are included the Café Paris, Cafe El Escorial, the Chocolate Museum, the Rum Museum, the Temple, the Garden of the East and the Ambos Mundos Hotel.

These spaces offer a selection of dishes ranging from light meals to culinary delights that identify, always accompanied by domestic and foreign drinks and cocktails.

Habaguanex SA also assumes a wide network of stores spanning more than two hundred installations.

Obispo Street is the ultimate shopping street of Old Havana and stands out for the variety of its offerings and services.

It has department stores, perfumeries, leather goods, toys, silks, hardware stores, markets, boutiques of famous international brands, photographic services, hairdressing services and optometric services.

In other areas of the historic center you can find shops of artisan perfumes, books, spices, flowers and unique gifts.

Some examples are: Boutique Noble Habana, Boutique Vía Uno, Casa Cubana del Perfume, Casa del Abanico, Museo Taquechel Pharmacy- Museum, Florería Jardín Wagner, Harry Brothers Store, Jabones de Marsella, La Casa del Regalo y la La Moderna Poesía Book Store.

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