Ghost in Caravan – Harold López – Nussa

About the music video of Ghost in Caravan by Harold Lopez – Nussa

The music video of Fantasma en caravana (Ghost in Caravan), directed by Joseph Ros, gives promotion to this theme by the Cuban artist Harold Lopez-Nussa.
In the clip we find a series of strange beings, alike the one of the series Freak Show, like dwarves, deformed people, women with beard and other extravagant creatures. To achieve this, Joseph turned to professionals from the National Circus of Cuba. They taxed an amalgam of heterogeneous attractions, surrounded by the illusion or the mystery of a tent, where circus artists of different specialties like contortionists, acrobats or the classic fire eaters cannot be missed.
Very interesting is the characterization of the musicians that start the clip. That way Ros, proves to be a skilled director of art.
According to confession of the filmmaker, in Ghost in Caravan worked with total freedom since Lopez Nussa completely trusted in him and it did not impose him any agenda to follow. From the title a darkness was marked, but did not want to repeat the concept of the caravan that used in the clip of the group DCorazon.
Ghost in Caravan is a psychedelic, half-convoluted subject, where Harold uses the piano with synthesizer. The work was very rich at all times. By idea of Eme Alfonso I knew that as a child Ruy Adrian López Nussa played the piano very well. So the other two arms that appear on the piano of Harold we did not do it in postproduction, are those of his brother Ruy Adrian.
This was a music video filmed with little budget but very complex in its realization, which shows that the question is to make the most of available resources with the highest dose of creativity. As the director stated: “… jazz, like music, gives you tools to fly.”

About the Director Joseph Ros.

Joseph Ros is a young Cuban director who has directed around twenty very successful video clips, already released on Cuban television.
From a very young age he has been closely linked to the Lucas television program, becoming a cultural project that approaches its two decades of existence as the largest and most recognized cultural platform for the development of the Cuban music video movement. Ros owes part of his artistic training to the teachings of renowned Cuban directors and filmmakers such as Orlando Cruzata and others, who now appreciate and reward the talent of Joseph, also valued positively by specialized critics.
His artistic excellence is endorsed by the fact that, at the Cubadisco Festival in 2016, he was the top nominee in the Video clip category, with three works: “The Letter”, a theme that first linked Buena Fe and Alain Daniel; “Give me War”, a song performed by Israel Rojas and Yoel Martínez, founders of Buena Fe, and “Must Be Arriving” by D’CoraSon.
Other of his most recent creations have been “Going Through You”, which promotes the album A full, by Luis Barberia and Sexto Sentido , “A Place for You”, by Nube Roja, “No way further” by Gema Corredera, among others .
He has worked with the popular dance orchestra La Tabla, with the musician and comedian Virulo in a clip for his album On the left, with Eme Alfonso with the song “I am Going”, Habana D’Primera Group, among others. He has shared with artists such as Gema Corredera, Alexander Abreu, Joaquin Clerch, Carlos Fariñas.

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