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One of the characteristics that distinguishes Cuba among other nations in the world is its natural beauty and the greenness of its fields.

The island has an abundance of mountainous terrain and others dedicated to agriculture.

Within these places of Caribbean flora, several species of ornamental, timber and fruit trees stand out, offering the national geography a unique diversity.

Some stand out in a very special way due to their unique characteristics, religious use or presence in momentous events in the history of that nation.

On the island there are hundreds of tree species and several of them are in danger of extinction. There is also an extensive list of some that are endemic to Cuban landscapes.

Among all these species, the Royal Palm stands out, which is recognized as the National Tree.

This condition was granted to her for being part of the Shield of the Republic of Cuba, also for her slenderness, strength and abundant presence in most of the fields of the island.

Visitors who come to the Greater Antilles will find trees that only the nature of that nation offers and where special stories are chosen behind many of them.



Almácigo. General information. Scientific Name: Bursera simaruba Kingdom: Plantae Subkingdom: Tracheobionta Class: Magnoliopsida Family: Burseras Genre: Burser Habitat: Mediterranean region Almácigo. Features. The Almácigo is a large tree that reaches up to 25 meters in height and 80 centimeters in diameter. It reproduces...