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Within the varied and beautiful Cuban fauna, mollusks reach one of the first places for their variety and number of specimens.

According to scientific studies, there are more than 1,400 species in this category on the island and the largest number of them are endemic to the country, making it an attraction for those who love to learn about these unique animals.

Most of the mollusks that inhabit the Cuban coasts are found in the coral reefs, where there are also abundant underwater beauties for followers of immersion and diving.

These species are closely linked to the first inhabitants of the country, since they say that the aborigines used large snails as sound instruments when blowing them.

Some also assure that when placing a snail in the ear you can hear the noise of the sea. Within the Cuban mollusks there is also a group that are terrestrial.

Among them stands out the Polimita that is endemic to the East of Cuba and considered by many one of the most beautiful molluscs in the world for its wide variety of colors and figures.

At the moment, that beauty of nature is in danger of extinction because it is in great demand for making crafts.