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From the prehistoric stages, Cuba is survived by several species of mammal animals that until today are part of the fauna of that Caribbean island, examples of which are more than 25 types of bats and some rodents.

The family of mammals in Cuba, a species that breastfeed their young, is not very wide but it does have unique species from that country and that have very particular and attractive characteristics.

For nature lovers in the Greater Antilles you can find some of these species as pets in homes, living with people and with sometimes very distinctive names.

There are others destined for human consumption and a large part walking, swimming or flying in different habitats throughout the territory.

They also highlight some as peculiar as the manatee or sea cow and the almiquí, which are in danger of extinction.

A peculiarity of these animals in Cuba is that there are many of them that live in natural environments, which allows them to maintain and expand their species so that they last for several more years in the fauna of that Caribbean country.