Home Flowers


The climate and characteristics of the Cuban fields are ideal for observing a wide variety of flowers that give a special beauty and color to the landscapes of the island.

Throughout the country there are several species of flowering plants, some wild and easy to grow, others with very peculiar combinations of shapes and colors, in addition to a not inconsiderable number of specimens that can only be seen on that Caribbean island.

A family with a great presence in the country are orchids with more than 300 varieties, of which about 130 are endemic to Cuba, these can be found in different patios and fields and in sites dedicated to their cultivation and exhibition.

Among all the flowers that adorn the national geography, La Mariposa stands out as the National Flower. This condition is reached because during the independence wars in the country some women used it as an ornament and to hide messages for the guerrillas.

It is also distinguished by its white color as a symbol of purity and peace. Curiously, this flower is not native to Cuba and they say that its origin is in Viet Nam. These wonders of nature are very special to give on significant dates, express the most beautiful feelings and have been the inspiration of poets and music composers.