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Due to its status as an island, Cuba is surrounded by the sea by the four cardinal points. Similarly, it has a wide list of rivers throughout the national territory.

These natural characteristics propitiate the conditions so that an important number of fish live in the Greater Antilles. Within the fauna of the nation there are more than 50 species of fresh water and a high percentage are endemic to the country.

Among these specimens that live only in Cuba, some stand out such as the Biajaca that lives in rivers and bays, the Cuban Killi with amazing colors, the Blind Fish that is found mostly in the East and the Manjuarí considered as a skeletal primitive.

Fishing in rivers, lagoons and dams for food in homes is very common in Cuba. Fishing is also developed as a national economic activity and the first Fishing Law in the country was approved by Parliament to organize this branch and preserve some species that need it.

At the moment important projects and environmental investigations are carried out to study the contamination of rivers and seas and to take care of the aquatic fauna on the island of Cuba.