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A very special feeling that you can only find in the Cuban fields is the set of melodies that birds produce when singing.

About 370 species have been identified in that nation, of which the highest percentage are indigenous to the nature of Cuba and a smaller part reach there only at specific times each year.

Among these unique animals there are about 30 groups that are endemic to the country, which becomes an invitation for ecotourism lovers to take a walk through the landscapes of the Greater Antilles.

Some studies and research locate the first birds in that nation more than 40 million years ago. In the big island there are most of the specimens of the national birds, but in the Isle of Youth and the northern keys there are some specimens typical of those areas.

Although very unique specimens such as the colorful Cartacuba, the small Zunzún, the noisy Woodpecker and others stand out, the Tocororo is considered the National Bird.

This unique bird represents Cuba because it displays in its plumage the three colors of the flag and does not like to live in captivity.

Tocororo National bird of Cuba


Tocororo. General information. Animalia Kingdom Phylum: Chordates Class: Birds of Cuba Order: Trogoniformes Family: Trogonidae Tocororo (Priotelus temnurus). It is a climbing bird, endemic to Cuba, in genus and species. In its colorful plumage, red, blue and white, the colors of...