Drinks Factory Garay House

The Drinks Factory Garay House
The Drinks Factory Garay House

About the Drinks Factory Garay House

The Drinks Factory Garay House is a rum distillery located in the nowadays Pinar del Rio province in Cuba. It produces since 1892 the famous rum called “Guayabita del Pinar”, typical drink of the province and which is produced with a small guava grown only in the mountains of Pinar del Rio. In 1906 the factory was renamed “The Occidental” and participated in several contests and competitions, both national and international and managed to achieve several awards and distinctions. Including Marketing Award in 1906, the Prize Fair of Havana in 1911 and the Medal earned at the Fair of Rome in 1924.

History of Drinks Factory Garay House

As stated in the commercial register – volume 4, page 165 – the Drinks Factory Garay House and Company was incorporated by Lucio Garay Zavala, Salvador Baduel Carrera and Juan Bautista Aguirre on April 6th, 1899. These partners already had an stablishment in 68 Maceo Street in Pinar del Rio and which they manufactured soda. On February 10th, 1900 a change occurs in ownership, this is why Lucio Garay Zavala keeps the rights of the business and later joins with Gregorio Baron y Llano to maintain production of spirits and soft drinks in the facilities of 68 Maceo Street. On May 15, 1903, three years later, the partnership between Zavala and Gregorio Baron dissolves. Zavala subsequently joins Domingo Gutierrez Ocejo on July 15th, 1905 to continue making liqueurs and soft drinks. Once again this Mercantile Company dissolves on March 17th, 1906, which is why Lucio Garay Zavala became the universal owner. In 1913 Garay relocates the factory and moved to 116 Marti Street corner of Recreo in Pinar del Rio. In 1926 the “La Primitiva” soda factory is inscribed in the Commercial Register and shortly after the “Occidental” liquor factory. Both were located in 43Recreo Street between Sol and Virtudes. Over time “La Primitiva” discontinued the soda production to devote exclusively to the entire production of “Guayabita del Pinar” rum.

Drinks Factory Garay House and Guayabita del Pinar Rum

To the Guayabita del Pinar, faithful exponent of Drinks Factory Garay House, the drinkers respect it and the Pinar del Rio people consider it as their regional liquor. Although this factory is named ” Ceferino Fernandez Viñas ” today, it is still known as Garay House. It was nationalized in 1962 by the revolutionary government and currently 33 workers are involved in production work. The influx of Lucio Garay Zabala, former owner of the industry, still seems to be felt here. Lucio patented the production of Guayabita del Pinar moved by an instinct for finding a great business opportunity linked to observing local customs. For that he was based on the customs of the local tobacco planters since they used to place a small fruit of a bush inside the bottles of brandy for a stronger alcohol flavor.


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