Dame Guerra by Buena Fe

On the song and music video of Dame Guerra (Give me War) by Buena Fe

The theme “Dame guerra” was composed by Israel Rojas and Yoel Martinez.
This song belongs to Soy, the most recent album of the Cuban duo that has been edited by the record label Metamorfosis, of the Guatemalan Ricardo Arjona, with whom they will also shoot a video soon, according to announced Israel Rojas to the Cuban television.
The simple mix of rhythms such as rock, pop, guaracha, reggae and flamenco as well as they address the theme of love relationships, emphasizes the difficulties and small things that couples need to keep their affections alive. According to its author, Israel Rojas, “Give me War” is a claim, a wake-up call; something like a tool for S.O.S. Which gives the message: “if you care, show me even with the necessary reproaches”.
The song is accompanied by a video directed by the talented Cuban director Joseph Ros.
During the premiere of the clip, Joseph Ros commented: “We try to reflect the conflict of a couple relationship but in a positive way, we use humor as a tool, taking care not to fall into common places. The aesthetic becomes more theatrical, with a similarity to the cinema of the beginning of the century “.
In addition, the director said that after the casting, they took the “right decision” to choose Tony Alonso and Jessica Borroto, who contribute “a lot of sympathy, because they are two very creative people as actors and friendly by nature, they are also supported by the participation of Rigoberto Ferrera “.
This video won the Best Video of the Year, Best Direction and Fusion Music Awards in the Lucas 2016 Awards.

About the album Soy (I am)

Buena Fe released his album, “Soy”, by the Guatemalan singer-songwriter Ricardo Arjona and his label, Metamorfosis.
Arjona’s representatives explained in a press release, detailing that “the contagious rhythm and originality of the most important Cuban duo of his generation”, composed of singer Israel Rojas and Yoel Martinez, “has been the key to success of these talented young people. ”
“Soy”, a musical production by Rojas, Martinez and Ernesto Cisneros has 16 songs, all of them created by the first.
Metamorphosis, a record label created by Arjona, “bets once again on the different, innovative and unique talent of Latin artists that will surely leave a mark in the musical history,” added the press release.
This was the first time that at least one album of the group has a more even and coherent international presentation, since it got out at the same time in most of the Spanish speaking countries.
It’s a kind of compilation that includes a lot of songs that are successful in the group’s career: “Do not Play with my Loneliness”, “Fabelo”, “The Blaim”, “November”, “Fear”, and include three new songs like “Casanova, Cecilia Valdes and Sleeping Beauty”, “Oraré”, with Vocal Luna, and “Dame guerra”.

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