Cuban Transport

Cuban transportation
Cuban transportation

The Cuban means of transportation and their Specificities

Cuban transportation have a significant variety which is reflected in the social and island´s economic scenery through its industries, schools, recreation centers and especially on public transport, which currently reflects the prospect of a developing country where old and new lives in perfect harmony.

At first glance you may notice the presence of thousands of vehicles on the roads with a history of over 60 years with a perfect condition and some of which serve as a taxi in national currency and have been baptized as “almendrón”.

For only 10 or 20 Cuban pesos, according to the taxi´s own itinerary, you can take a tour through history from today.

Humor and Cubans Means of Transport

Cuban transport media also echo the humor that identifies Caribbean for example solutions such as the famous “camel”, which were placed in public service to offer a solution to problems of transport in the country.

These terrestrial means laced several parts of the capital to transfer of passengers and were named for their similarity to the desert animals which have two humps like the Cuban “ones”.

The Cuban Means of Transport and their Practical Solutions

The bike is also part of the variety we see in Cuban media transport.

With a strong presence in Asian countries and some countries of the old continent, also came to stay in the largest Antillean Island.

A version of this environment joined the service infrastructure of the entertainment industry.

There are now taxi-bike transporting those who prefer a low speed ride to fully enjoy the attractions of the island.

The tourism boom brought with it also, along with name-brand vehicles, the birth of a singular wit rounded, yellow and by the name of Cocomovil.

Emerged a few years ago it has a growing presence in the city streets thanks to the demand generated since it is refreshing tour and an option to beat the heat.

Of course, to all this modern cars modern cars are added, from factories of the Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Daewoo, Volkswagen and many more firms that bring a touch of modernity to Cuban transport.

However, they have been unable to displace the most diverse media around the island, each with a unique touch that promotes and enhances its appeal to the curious, whether from the country or come from abroad.

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