The Cuban History of Tourism

History of the Cuban tourism
History of the Cuban tourism

The History of Tourism in Cuba and its Beginnings

The history of tourism in Cuba as a significant sector within the Cuban economy dates back to the fifties of the twentieth century, so it can be considered as a new activity on the island.

Actually it began to flow from the Republican stage since the Cuban business situations depended heavily on the United States and was it the country’s main market.

It is noted that the early history of the Cuban tourism practice was linked directly to the American mafia based in Cuba, gambling, prostitution and the sale of illegal products, among other social issues.

The Revolution in the Cuban Tourism History

Already in 1959 the history of tourism in Cuba took other dimensions.

The Cuban Revolution was commissioned to give a new approach to the practice of tourism on the island, with changes in the economic structure, important measures that modified the old models and capitalist practices took place.

Thus the tourism industry was nationalized and the bad habits were erradicated.

Cuba’s tourism image before the world was modified to show the natural and social benefits of the island. In general, these and other activities were headed to improve the lives of Cubans and do business with the world.

Cuban tourism now shows a different face in the international market than the one shown in the 50s and perfects its business strategies and optimize its products and services.

After the fall of the socialist bloc tourism served as mainstay of the Cuban economy and showed the way leading to the financial and economic sustainability for the country.

Some Issues in the Cuban Tourism History

For the history of tourism in Cuba the economic blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba has affected considerably.

In general, this arbitrary measure began making havoc in the Cuban economy and tourism was greatly affected. At times instead of reporting growth it reported losses since that blockade forbade tourists into our country and thus the rate of visit decreased.

The steering of the country with the support of the people made the decision to create joint projects with countries that respect our sovereignty and rightly provided support.

Thus the tourist arrivals grew rapidly in our country.

This process began in the 90s and in 1996 one million tourists arrived in Cuba, which offered the chance to the island to become one of the main tourist destinations in the world and the Caribbean.

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