Cuba Treasure, The nice Island

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Cuba Treasure, The nice Island.

Cuba Treasure, general information magazine, a window open to all, a solution to discover, learn and get information about Cuba.

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Cuba Treasure and Cuban culture

Cuban culture is diverse and truly fascinating, with a particular national identity. In our magazine Cuba Treasury will always find a great name articles dedicated Cuban culture. We highlight the Cuban music as an important element of society, a form of popular traditions espresar.

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Tourism in Cuba, The nice island

Cuba is a Caribbean destination that differs from the others by the variety of attractions: a tourist destination of sun and beach with historical attractions and cultural, ecological and aesthetic significance.
Tourism has become an economic activity, it is increasingly important in the environmental, economic, social and medium development. Tourism is a source of foreign exchange and employment.

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The history of Cuba in Cuba Treasure.

The Story of Cuba is divided into two historical periods “Before 1959” and “After 1959” remove Remove reference to the January 1, 1959, 9am. The news of Batista’s flight watered throughout Cuba, and citizens start has hit the streets in demonstrations of joy.

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