Coral Beach

Plage Coral
In Coral Beach waters acquire a blue-green color

Main Features of Coral Beach.

The province of Matanzas is characterized by its bridges but also by the beautiful beaches it has, where Varadero stands out as one of the best in all of Cuba, but there are also others such as Coral Beach which has its beauties and attractions for visitors.
This beach is on the way between the city of Matanzas and Varadero, and being a place practically without human presence and with very calm waters is loved by locals and visitors, all this together with the pinkish color that acquires its coral sand.
In Coral Beach waters acquire a blue-green color and in it there are more than 2 kilometers of coral reefs.
For those who prefer sun and beach destinations, this site offers calm and clear waters, direct contact with nature and lots of peace.
As it has a coral reef of worldwide recognition, being one of the largest, is a place very visited by lovers of water attractions.
Scuba diving and snorkeling are options that visitors can enjoy if they arrive at Coral Beach, where they can have contact with several species of marine fauna such as sponges, crustaceans and tropical fish, as well as observe varied species of corals.
Visitors are also offered excursions to practice diving so that they know the beach not only from outside, but also to discover their best underwater landscapes.
For the beauty of its depths several photographers of the world have arrived there to take home beautiful underwater photographs.
In this quiet place, fishing is not allowed so that the ecosystem of the area does not undergo transformations caused by the hand of man.

Accommodation in Coral Beach.

The Coral Beach does not have any hotel or lodging facilities, it is rather a natural, semi-desert, quiet place where you can spend a pleasant day with family or friends.
For those who want to visit it is best to stay in Matanzas or Varadero, both sites are relatively close to that beach. Also the some places near Coral beach there are private places of lodging as well as gastronomic offers.

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