The Christ from Havana

The Christ from Havana
The Christ from Havana

The History of the Christ from Havana

The Christ from Havana is a majestic sculpture that represents Jesus of Nazareth, and a work of the Cuban sculptress Jilma Madera. For the realization of it convocation was thrown for a competition that was favored by the president’s Batista wife. The Cuban sculptress presented her sketch for the contest and she triumphed. To sculpt it, the artist didn’t keep in mind any specific pattern, but rather she was inspired by her ideal of masculine beauty when representing oblique eyes and voluminous lips, very much according with the racial miscegenation of the island. The image was sculpted in Carrara marble and it possesses 20 meters high. It rests on a base of 3 meters and its approximate weight is of some 320 tons. The statue is composed by 67 pieces brought from Italy, because it was sculpted in Rome and blessed by the Pope I Pio XII. Located in the town of Casa Blanca (White House), the sculptural work was placed on December 24th, 1958 with the presence of Fulgencio Batista.

The Christ from Havana and its Characteristics

The monumental image is located 51 meters above the sea level, which makes possible to see the sculpture from diverse points of the capital. Christ’s figure is standing and he has a hand with sublime expression of blessing. The other hand he has it by the chest looking toward the city and the eyes are empty. 600 tons of white Carrara marble were used and it is conformed by 12 horizontal strata with 67 pieces that are put together in the interior. Once finish its weight was calculated in some 320 tons. The assembly began at the beginning of September 1958 and the force of 17 men’s work was needed aided by a crane. The statue was articulated on a three meters base and in whose center an iron frame was lifted that goes from it to the torso and in which was inserted a steel beam that extends until the head. Each marble part was tied with steel tensile to the central structure and then, to that empty space concrete was tossed after having been checked the level and adjustment of each horizontal stratum. It is important to say once again that from its location one can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Havana and in which one can observe the great ships and the small boats of passengers that transport the neighbors to both sides of the bay.

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