Bibijagua Beach in Isla de la Juventud

Bibijagua Beach
The famous and beautiful beach called Bibijagua, in the Isla de la Juventud (Island of the Youth), differs from the others in the small island and in Cuba,

Characteristics of the Bibijagua Beach

The famous and beautiful beach called Bibijagua, in the Isla de la Juventud (Island of the Youth), differs from the others in the small island and in Cuba, because of the color black in completely a natural form in part of its sands, created by the erosive action of the waves on the marble rocks. It is a place with a calm, healthy, oxygenated and familiar environment for those who prefer direct contact with nature.
It is really that way, the tone of its sands owes it to the presence of grains of heavy minerals, components that makes Bibijagua a beach of great singularity in the world, whose beauty and transparency of its waters make it even more enchanting.
It is the beach most frequented by the inhabitants of Isla de la Juventud (with a population of approximately 100,000 inhabitants), because of its proximity to the city of Nueva Gerona and the Chacon Neighborhood.
In the famous beach, artists of the plastic of different parts of the country erected, in great format and with the technique of direct carving in marble, ten figures.
A mild climate prevails throughout the region. The north is generally plain and dry. There are also some marble hills near Bibijagua, although most are in Nueva Gerona.
The most massive way of traveling to the island is through motorized catamarans, which sail between two and three hours, while a cargo ship requires about six hours for the crossing.

Bibijagua Beach and its Surroundings

But the options of sand, sun and sea are not limited to Bibijagua, also along the same road there are Punta Piedra, Paraiso, El Pescador and El Gallego beaches. From Paraiso (typically Cuban), with a small restaurant very frequented by the population, especially the weekend, you can walk a long stretch in the sea, as there is not much depth. Also from this splendid place you can swim to the cayo de los monos (Cay of the Monkeys), located one kilometer from the beach.
Bibijagua is a charm in the Caribbean Sea and a singularity in the world for the beauty of its black sands and natural attractions.
This long beach is a perfect place to refresh, relax and play sports. A haven of peace, where the visitor can choose and enjoy among the countless palm trees and mangroves to find shade, grazed by the calm blue-green waters of the Caribbean Sea.
There is a modern hotel called Arenas Negras which has 33 cabins, restaurant, bar, cafeteria, services and dance floor that is used by different musical groups.
At its far end, there are extraordinary places with small beach spaces between mangrove grapes, which invite visitors to spend very pleasant moments between the swimming, the barbecue that can be made and rest of these so pleasant moments under the shade of and other bushes bathed by the gentle waves that kiss their roots. These places are rarely visited.
On its left end and at the end of the beach, in the direction of the mountain range of Punta de Bibijagüa, we arrive at an immense cove that has as background the impressive mountain of black marble.
The view is breathtakingly beautiful, between the mountain and the sea is a modern facility, Arenas Negras Camping which has a restaurant, cabins, bars, dance floor and other facilities with adequate structures and equipment to meet the needs of the more demanding of customers.

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