The Anfora International Magic Festival

The Anfora International Magic Festival
The Anfora International Magic Festival

General Data on the Anfora International Magic Festival

The Anfora International Magic Festival began on October of 1989 in the Las Tunas School of Magic, which was created by José Reynerio Valdivia, well known as “The Magician Piter”. Then it began to be developed later with as a provincial event starting on November, 1992 and two years later it took national character. In 1995 with the incorporation of foreign magicians it became an international event. From then on the encounter propitiates the exchange of experiences and it contributes to the development of this millennial art in the new generations. It also facilitates the spectators the enjoyment and the delight of representations of the magic of Cuba and other latitudes. Anfora is the favorable mark where the Cuban magicians are nurtured of artistic knowledge and it consolidates and wide the artists´ technical base, besides of the meaning to the professional trajectory of the most outstanding magicians in the country toward the achievement of a bigger social recognition, in one of the spaces that has become an assiduous public’s popular tradition and expert. It is characteristic of this event a wide program of activities in different areas, labor centers, neighborhoods, hospitals and schools.

Generalities on the Anfora International Magic Festival

The celebration of this event is carried out annually in the month of November with duration of five days. The launching of its convocation is carried out with a year of advance and it goes to the Council of the Scenic Arts, the centers of the music of the country, the UNEAC, the magic associations of different countries and to personalities of the magic world inside and inside Cuba. In the convocation they offer the bases for the magicians participation in competition, which include the disciplines like closely magic, mentalist magic, big illusions, small illusions and manipulation. They are granted, in metallic and trophy, unique prizes in each category and a great prize. It is also rewarded the best feminine and masculine performance. Institutions like the AHS, the UNEAC and the Barbarito Diez Music’s Provincial Center reward the young performance, individual and collective shows and the one that better uses the Cuban music. The event has an organizing and personal committee of insurance, those that take charge of the development of the same one.

The Anfora International Magic Festival and its Particularities

This event offers spaces for the colloquy, in which conferences, masterful classes, workshops, and demonstrations with thematic that approach the magic closely, technical of manipulation, scenario magic and big illusions are offered. In the international field it has had the attendance of countries like Spain, Italy, Belgium, Mexico, United States, Venezuela, Chile and Argentina. Also it has had the participation of big magic teachers of other countries such as Domenico Dante y Roberto Luas from Argentina y Francisco Nieto Grass y Kevin from Spain, among others.

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