Amanda´s Prophecies Film

Amanda´s Prophecies film
Amanda´s Prophecies film

Amanda´s Prophecies Film.Data sheet.

Year: 1999
Duration: 90 minutes
Studio: Cuban Art and Film Industry Institute, IGELDO KOMUNIKAZIOA; ALTER Film Productions
Screenplay: Aaron Vega and Pastor Vega
Direction: Pastor Vega
General Production: Evelio Delgado
Director of Photography: Rafael Solis
Edition: Jacqueline Mephiel
Daisy Granados, Laura Ramos, Consuelo Vidal, Heron Vega, Adolfo Llaurado, Marisela Bertti

Amanda´s Prophecies Film. Synopsis.

The film tells the story of Amanda, humble and popular character who has since a child the gift of prophecy, inspired by the true life of a clairvoyant named Martha Estevez, who was born in Havana on January 19th, 1946. This Amanda generates interest, fear and rejection in the people around her. A singular gift that accompanies her all life. The film is a recreation of a real case of extrasensory perception that astonished doctors and psychologists.

Amanda´s Prophecies Film.Awards.

Caricato Award for Best Female Performance. Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba. Cuba.
Kikito Award for Best Female Performance. Gramado Film Festival, Brazil.
Catalina Award for Best Female Performance. Cartagena Film Festival, Colombia.
Pitirre Award for Best Female Performance. San Juan de Puerto Rico.
Best Film Award. Cremona. Italy Film Festival.

Amanda´s Prophecies Film .General Information.

In the Amanda´s Prophecies film stand the Lola Flores images in an old film by Carlos Saura. The voice of Daysi Granados herself is heard in the Storm without Direction bolero song by Jose Dolores Quiñones. Liuba Maria Hevia and Eduardo Sosa, when he sang in the Postrova Duet also appear and the theme song is Twenty-five Thousand Lies about the Truth by the Cuban singer Carlos Varela.

Amanda´s Prophecies Film. Its protagonist.

Daisy Granados was born on December 9th, 1942, in Cienfuegos, Cuba. She studied at the National School of Art in Havana and debuted in 1964 in the film “The decision”. The critic said at the time that the young actress could become one of the most significant of Cuban cinema. They were not mistaken.
She is known as “The Face of Cuban Cinema” for her participation in films that have been important thematic and aesthetic nuclei within the cinema of the big island and therefore she received the National Film Award Cuba in 2007.
The actress has represented Cuba and has won awards at various international festivals. Moreover, her experience has been valued at different film events in which she has been selected as a juror.
During her career as an actress has participated in more than 35 films, including “A Successful Man” (1986), directed by Humberto Solas; “Parallel Lives” (1992), directed by Pastor Vega; and, “Amanda Prophecies” (1999) performance that earned her several international awards such as Best Actress at the Cartagena Film Festival.
In the Amanda´s Prophecies film, the actress portrayed a humble and almost illiterate woman, who as a child had the gift of prophesy. Based on a real-life character, Marta Estevez, the fortuneteller played by Daisy Granados won public favor in Cuban theaters. Her character is played between comedy and drama, with folk overtones and grace, which the actress was able to bring to a successful conclusion.
Among the latest films Cuban Cinema Diva are “Nada” (2001) by Juan Carlos Cremata and “Only once” (2002) by Pastor Vega.
Her performances in works of dramatic theater and musicals have been equally successful.

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