360 Degrees (Song) – Descemer Bueno and Israel Rojas

360 Degrees - Descemer Bueno Israel Rojas
360 Degrees - Descemer Bueno Israel Rojas

On the song and music video of 360 Degrees by Descemer Bueno and Israel Rojas.

360 Degrees, written for four hands between Israel Rojas, Buena Fe; and Descemer Bueno, was the theme chosen to be the first single that promotes the composer of Dancing as part of his new album.
For this experience he again relies on the talent of the filmmaker and musician Claudio Pairot and a team of Puntilla Films, with whom he already worked on the song February 14 and now recorded the music video 360 Degrees, set in the 1930s and reported in fictional way , experience that neither -Descemer Bueno and Claudio had previously.
“It is the first video I do with a fictional story. By choice I have done, I have always thought that the music video is not a good format to tell a story of this kind because it is difficult for people to know what happens so quickly, but it felt very organic ” said the director during a break in filming, held in locations in Artemisa and Areíto Studies of the EGREM, in Havana down town.
“The song is a southern half blues and plugged with a story about a musician who lives in the countryside with his wife and son a simple life, humble, and there is a point at which bet their dreams against the happiness that has at the moment. ”
Carlos Enrique Almirante, which can be seen in the audiovisual with members of the popular group Nube Roja (Red Cloud), plays a radio broadcaster who discovers the character embodied by Descemer and gives him the opportunity to record a musical number.
“We were lucky to have a lot of good people working with us. Marianela Donate was in production and Javier Perez wanted to focus on a more cinematic photography. Carlos Enrique said yes and that was also lucky. The actress, Yaniris Lobaina did a very good job, is the first, but I think we will have many more,” said Claudio on the clip, which also involved Anthuan Perugorría and Lazaro Cardenas, members of Nube Roja and in which Maykel Bárzagas makes a brief appearance , sound engineer and music producer of the disc.
Descemer becomes a typical peasant, thanks to the charm of clothing, confessed: “It seems very well this idea of Claudio and his team to get me out of my life as a singer to take me to play a character, but the acting is silent consider it very important and has not been easy, I think my favor was the fact that there are certain points of contact between the musician and story”- said Descemer
He also said: “The song is the first to begin to radiate the next album and I wrote it with Israel, but he is the one singing it on the album. I proposed the idea to Claudio and the team of Puntilla, came up with the idea that narrate a time, and I am delighted with the work that has been done. ”
“I think it has much common with the lives of the artists who have come out, trying to realize their dreams, that I’m doing, trying to make my dreams come true.”

On the Album

The album of Descemer Bueno, that is promoted with the single “360 Degrees” written for four hands with the Cuban Israel Rojas, of Buena Fe Duo, confirms the interest of the musician to continue to promote his success through musical collaborations.
About this the singer claimed, “through collaborations I intend to achieve international territories and that is what I intend to do with my next album, in which also perform Belinda, Rosario and Tamara, very important artists of Spain”. Other guests on the album are Issac Delgado, Jorge Villamizar, Julieta Venegas and Estopa.
Around his expectations about the album, Bueno said: “I think that this album is going to be a double album of songs that touch body and soul”.
He stressed his desire to “make songs for the body and soul, to dance and listen, do not want to leave that part of my recording career known in Cuba through the disc Bueno”, an album recording that got him intimately to the national public.
Instrumentalist and creator of Dancing, one of the most famous singles last year, he said his next phonogram is still untitled and without a date for the presentation, is expanding because new ideas and melodies are constantly appearing.
I have never liked to fee under pressure to release a production, I think that kills things and I enjoy the time to complete the disks, because new songs appear, he said.

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